Anyone else using and loving Mozilla Firebird?

I have been using IE for…a really, really, really long time and frankly it just frustrated the hell out of me. I took a chance and about a week ago I tried Mozilla…the Internet has not been the same place since.

For example. I opened up the 9 web pages that I visit most often in tabbed windows (one browser window, with tabs) and I created a bookmark for all of them. I set my homepage to that bookmark so now when I open up the browser it automatically loads all my fav pages in tabs, and it inserts all my usernames and login passwords as well.

That, plus everything else, has forced me to uninstall IE :slight_smile:

Uninstalling IE may have been a bit too far–if only because there are a few pages that only it can make work. (Due primarily to web"masters" using the non-standard coding IE seems to…encourage.) But I only keep it on my home machine for that backup purpose, which is gratifyingly more rare than when I first started using Opera and then Mozilla.

Firebird does indeed muchly rock. If you haven’t yet, go grab the the mouse gestures plugins–it lets you navigate back and forth, switch tabs, open up new ones, close them, etcetera, simply by clicking and waving the mouse around in a specific way. The only downside is I keep trying to do them while, er, monitoring crucial connectivity whilst at work, where its IE or nothing.

Oooh i tried the mouse gestures and I think they would be awesome…


i have this nasty little habit of highlighting text as I read. its actually a habit that i like…and it did all sorts of funny things with the mouse gestures :wink:

Yep, Firebird rules the big one. For some bizarre reason I haven’t been able to get it to run properly under Lycoris, so I’m stuck with plain old Mozilla for now. I miss Firebird.

Ok, so far I’ve downloaded it and am loving it. But as I type this, my reply window is like half the size as it normally is in IE, what’s going on here?

Same here. My biggest (among a very few) gripe so far.

Does anyone have trouble with .pdf files after using Mozilla? I did, so I reinstalled the latest version of Acrobat Reader, it worked once (using IE), then after the next time I used the Mozilla browser, I couldn’t open .pdfs anymore. They just wouldn’t load. After I uninstalled Mozilla, .pdfs work fine.

Boscibo I haven’t had any trouble with .pdf files but ParentalAdvisory I do have that issue with the reply boxes.

Still, its workable. I type out all my long stuff in MS Word anyway, and if its short like this I just use the quick reply :slight_smile:

Me too. It also seems that sometimes when I come to the end of a line in the text box, I have to hit enter to go to the next line. Other than that, I love firebird.

Is there any particular reason that java aps wouldn’t work properly with Firebird? I have Java and Javascript enabled, but it’s still asking me to download plugins for several sites.

I have downloaded Mozilla and am running it right now. I don’t know if I will like it. I need to learn about it so we will see…

Raygun99: Did you install the Sun Java plugin? Also, you’ll need to install the Flash plugin to view Flash content.

I love Firebird. I always download nightly builds optimized for my CPU from They’re noticeably faster than the normal builds. v0.8 will be out any day now, there’s only one bug blocking release.

Alereon, I downloaded the asked for plugin but it was only going to install it for IE so I ditched it.

use it. like it.

my favourite feature: type ahead find.

My favourite feature is the “Flash click to play” extension. That is such a brilliant idea.

I LOVE Firebird. Really, there is no excuse to use an inferior browser like IE.

Funny, a friend of mine who is a computer guru just recommended Firebird to me a week or so ago, and I totally love it. (Anything this guy recommends regarding computer usage, I just go ahead and do.) I get the same issue with the reply window, which is frustrating, but that is so far the only hitch I’ve come across.

I’d installed a Windows update recently, which was somehow causing IE to crash whenever Eudora decided to check for mail while I was typing in a text box. It was insanely frustrating, since I type in text boxes a LOT (like right now, or writing a blog entry).

I’m hooked on Firebird now, though. Better than Opera, and without the little ad window. Out of curiosity, how does Mozilla make any money off this product?

They don’t.

Ditto for the reply window, by the way.

Tabbed browsing is the dog’s proverbial’s. :slight_smile: Its good to have a few different skins as well.

Been using it for half a year now, loving it for half a year. I’m only using IE for special sites (banking stuff) anymore. I’ve never encountered any pop-up, spy ware, … The ‘loading in tabs’ function is my favorite. Using the Orbit Green theme. I have no problems viewing PDF or java applets. Loading Java can take a little longer than in IE.