How likely is it to get an STD from a public toilet?

Well, that’s just it. Is one very likely to get an STD from a toilet seat? Where is the most likely place to get one, other than from sexual contact? Chap stick? Just curious.

Most STD’s are transmitted via skin to skin contact or bodily fluid exchange, occurring with another human being. Two exceptions are Crabs (or pubic lice) and Herpes. Crabs may be contracted directly from an infected person, from bedding, or from the clothes of an infected person. However, crabs do not live much longer than 24 hours away from the human host, so contact would need to be made within that time period.
Herpes, primarily Type I, can be transmitted by oral, anal, or vaginal sex. Type I is frequently transmitted by kissing, sharing drinking glasses, or even shaking hands with an infected person (pretty rare I would think). The virus should be present, usually with a sore or blister on the affected area, allowing the virus to be shared. However, there is a small period in which the herpes virus can be transmitted without showing any signs. This is called asymptomatic shedding. In order to contract the Herpes virus, you would need to come in direct contact with fluid from the infected spot. The virus does not last long by itself on inanimate objects. Sharing wet towels from someone with the virus should probably be avoided.
I do not believe that there are any recorded cases of anyone catching an STD from a toilet seat.

Here is a link to read about it:STD link

It depends on what you do on the toilet seat.

Something I heard quoted in a sex ed class many many years ago.