STDs without sex?

Our school had one of those speakers who talked about different kinds of STDs and why sex is bad. He said that you can get a STD without sex. He said it is possible to pick it up from public toilets and places like that. Can you really get a STD without sex?

Then it would just be a TD.

There have been a few – a very few, but >0 – cases of genital herpes transmitted through contact with warm, wet areas other than the genitalia of others – IIRC, a heated pool figured in one such report.

And, of course, virtually anything can be transmitted by transfusions of blood from an infected person – a major reason why the Red Cross is so picky about donors in the past decade or so.

Quoth the Master:
Is it possible to contract herpes from a hot tub or spa?

It ain’t, strictly speaking. The herpes virus does not survive well in temperatures much above body heat… On the other hand, researchers at the National Institutes of Health found that the virus can survive for several hours on the plastic coated benches found near hot tubs at many clubs and spas. In fact, users of several spas in the Washington, D.C., area complained a while back that they contracted herpes without benefit of sexual activity, which to my mind has to be one of the all-time bummers.

This caused me some unneeded anxiety for a time when I was but a youth. Turned out it was just jock itch.

Ummm, if that was the case then everyone would have herpies wouldn’t they? I"ve known people with herpies and used thier bathroom etc and not gotten it. I would say that the people who got it in DC were doing something they were not supposed to be and came up with some lame excuse, much like my ex-wife did.

Edward, herpes is not always transmittable (in fact, most of the time, it isn’t). It can only be spread when the infected person either has an active outbreak or is “shedding” the virus (the virus is active but there are no visible/physical symptoms). Moreover, I think the study Cecil referenced was talking about wet benches and seats. The virus can only survive in wet surroundings.

I had a friend, who at the grand old age of 24, still believed that you could get STD’s from toilet seats. How? Exactly which parts of your genitals touches the toilet seat? I know mine, don’t. I really don’t watch other people on the loo, but I expect no one elses does either. They’re called STD’s for a reason !

“Doctor, is it possible to get the clap in a public toilet?”

“Yes, it is, so you’d better stop screwing in there!”


a coupla years ago I spent new years with my brother anbd some of his friends. Got rather friendly with one of the girls of the group, the same girl who’s house we stayed at that night, i was the lucky one who got to share a bed with her. Turns out she had crabs (genital lice) which i picked up from the bed sheets… cos there sure weren’t none of that connectivity.

yeah, took me over a year to get rid of the little critters, and didn’t even get nookie for it :frowning:


Well, does adoption count?

You can also find this in the Straight Dope archives:
Can you catch STDs from a public toilet?

ps - and no, sex is NOT bad.

LOL a whole year to get rid of them? There must be something else wrong then. You have to bathe with that nasty ass shampoo every day and wash all your clothes, bed sheets, towels, and anything else that comes in contact with your body. If you have really bad hygeine then I can see how they would stick around for an inordinately long time. Even if you are really hairy you could have always gone the shaving route and gotten rid of them faster. Are you sure you didn’t have scabies instead? Those typically need a different treatment to be exterminated.