How Long Befor DVD's Totally Take Over?

You remember those old beta tapes, right?
Then everything was VHS.
I noticed this weekend at Blockbuster that the DVD section has doubled in a month! I’m holding off on buying DVD player. How long do you think it will be before VHS is obsolete?

I’m guessing 5 years. It’s already gotten to the point that some places like Fry’s Electronics doesn’t even carry VHS. A lot of movies come out on DVD before VHS (except for rentals). I only buy DVD now, and I’ve had a DVD player for about two years. Still have a VCR hooked up, though, because we have a lot of movies on VHS.

I’m keeping my VCR. I still record a lot, and I still haven’t found a more convenient, just-as-cheap alternative to using my VCR. Also, like most people, I have an extensive VHS collection.

However, I never rent or buy tapes anymore, unless they’re blank. I think most people who have gone to DVD just can’t go back.

Personally, I suspect it won’t be long at all before VHS tapes are occupying a very small section of the rental/buying sections.

When I pre-ordered the Harry Potter movie, the clerk said that they’d already pre-sold at least 70 DVD’s, but only about 7 VHS tapes. This is a trend that is rapidly increasing.

We fear change.

Ech. Just more new-fangled, expensive crap to waste my hard-earned dollars on. I’ve told my wife and friends that I awaid the day that my grandchildren call me a funny old man for using an ancient contraption instead of whatever disk-type thingy they are using by then.

This from DVD File:

So DVD is already outselling VHS on a unit basis, and, one can safely assume, on a pure-cash basis as well.

The real death knell for VHS will sound the day that DVD recorders become “reasonably” priced (my guess - less than $200-$300) and the blank DVD-R media gets down to less than a few bucks a pop.