How long before Trump gets shot?

I was watching this - it says it’s “livestream” so I assume it just happened - but someone grabbed Trump while he was speaking. (He says afterwards he was “prepared” for it - lol - he obviously wasn’t.)

So I’m wondering: how long before someone takes a shot at him?

Hopefully nothing like this ever happens to any of the candidates.

I’m not a Trump fan. I’m not a fan of most of the candidates. But I’m not looking forward to anything like this.

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I believe that Democrats want another reason to ban private ownership of firearms. Do you believe they would allow Trump to be shot in order to achieve their goal?

“lol”? Really? This looks like another attempt by Democrat supporter(s) to deny free speech to those they disagree with? I’m sure that attacking political candidates must be hysterical to some people.

Unless the person in question was acting on behalf of the government, Donny’s free speech was not denied here. The protester was rude and acted in a violent, and uncalled for manner,but the First Amendment does not prohibit one idiot private citizen from attempting to stop another idiot private citizen from speaking. Other criminal charges, of course, are certainly in play.

Well, come to think of it, the Secret Service does, unlike most government agencies, answer directly to the DNC . . .

I suppose they might start by introducing legislation if that was their goal.

Oh bull malarkey.

If you believe in “free speech” you believe in “free speech” regardless of who is or isn’t trying to obstruct it.

Lets say you have major political figure X. He/she is giving a speech. In the crowd there are bunches of people with “X sucks” posters and banners.

Fair enough. X is speaking and anti X gets to “say” “X sucks”

Now let us change that up a bit.

X is speaking or trying to. While doing so the anti X people are screaming and shouting such that it’s hard/impossible for X to be heard.

That’s bullshit IMO.

PS. If Obama didn’t get shot, I doubt Trump will. Unless one buys into the theory that racist rightest assholes are LESS likely to shoot someone than angry liberal leftists are.

No, if you believe in free speech, you believe that the government cannot punish you for what you say.

Freedom of speech does not mean freedom to a microphone, it does not mean freedom from criticism, it does not mean anyone is obligated to listen or be respectful, and it does not mean that another private citizen can’t use their freedom of speech against you.

That’s FIRST amendment.

“Free speech” is another thing.

And I will posit you don’t believe in free speech if you can’t even be arsed to LET the other person speak.

Yeah, yoy don’t have to like them. If they say things you REALLY don’t like, you don’t have to be their friends. If they work for you you can fire them. If they sell a service, you can quit using that service. Hell, you can even say they suck ass.

But IFF you won’t even let them SAY what they are trying to say…you don’t believe in free speech at even the most fundamental level.

And I say that as a conservative that when I see a liberal speak and some jackasses are booing and yelling such that the liberal can’t be heard above the noise I wanna kick some people in balls (and it ain’t the liberal).

And you don’t know the definition of free speech. You may scream bullshit all you like, but it doesn’t change the fact that Freedom of Speech only relates to the government, not private citizens. This is in no way meant to defend the person who assaulted The Don, who should be prosecuted for their assault under the full extent of the law. However, they did not violate Trump’s right to free speech.

Since when can you put you hands on someone else to prevent them from speaking? Political candidates are, or should be, allowed to speak. To me, it appears that the Democrat collective is becoming violent. The answer to free speech is more free speech, not violence. YMMV.

And your sight may be selective…or do I have to post links to videos of Trump supporters reacting violently to people with opposing opinions?

Trump supporter charged after sucker-punching protester at North Carolina rally.

I like the “scream” part.

One wonders why someone would label my speech as such.

You can’t put your hands on someone to prevent them from speaking. The person in question should be arrested and charged. I completely agree that the answer to free speech is more free speech, not violence, and that political candidates should be allowed to speak. Please do not think that I in any way condone the action taken here. It is two-bit thuggery. However, by definition, Mr. Trump’s free speech was not violated, though his physical person was.

Fine, you may use the word bullshit in any manner, tone, or volume you so choose, making full use of whatever recording or reproduction devices are available to you. A whispered “bullshit” can often be more effective if done correctly.

Bless your heart.

PS. That is southern for …well, you don’t wanna know…

Are you attempting to justify violence by claiming that the other side does it?


The “lol” was Trump saying he was prepared for it, even though he obviously wasn’t. I realize some people who claim to be liberals are against free speech. I regard them as imposters.

I’ll go a step further: to my knowledge free speech is a conservative value, as well as a liberal one.

I’ll leave the gun issue for another time, except to note that if Trump is smart, he probably tries to keep people with guns out of his rallies.

When I suggested this possibility several months back, I was accused of calling for it or advocating for it, rather than what I was really doing – predicting it as a possibility.
I see nothing to suggest that this is not becoming more likely as time progresses.