Sanders's Supporters Brownshirts Stop Trump Rally in Chicago

Yup, just what we expected out of the party of hate, fear, anger and violence. A group of people, many voicing support for Bernie Sanders, has forced Donald Trump to cancel a rally. American flags stepped on, Mexican flags waived, police assaulted, lying down in front of cars. As can be expected Chris Matthews says it was Trumps fault for campaigning there, ignoring the fact he has been saying Trump should go to more diverse areas.

So will anyone call on Bernie sanders to control his supporters. Will Mayor Rahm Emanuel, former Chief of Staff to President Obama, allow freedom of speech and the right to assembly in his town?

Why would anyone be surprised that, when a candidate tells his supporters to “knock the crap out of” protesters, and promises to pay their legal fees, that there might be some violence at his rallies?

Encouraging violence sometimes leads to violence.

What, you’re totally ignoring the Trump supporter who earlier this week sucker-punched a protester being escorted out, then was later filmed saying “we might have to kill him”?

Truth is both sides of Harrison Street in Chicago were eager for blood.

It’s a private event. Freedom of speech is not guaranteed to anyone on either side.

Like I said in another thread: “You know Mr. Trump, at least Barry Goldwater discouraged his followers when they wanted to show the worst angels of their nature.” More recently senator McCain also showed decency when he sincerely told a supporter to drop the birther and hate dishonest talking points launched against Obama.

No such shame and better angels of their nature can be seen among the republican candidates nowadays.

After Trump resorted to toss gasoline into the fire with more birtherism, then claiming that 81 percent of whites are killed by black assailants, lying about what his supporters actually did to black protesters in his rallies, joining racial profilers like Joe Arpaio to the hip, etc. Trump has no shame; and it will be a pleasure to vote against him in November.

I am a Hillary supporter in Chicago and I don’t like it at all. I’m quite tired of activists who want to shut people down. Let Trump speak.

Come on, it’s obvious: Bernshirts.

But really, the comparisons to Nazis from all the different camps toward each other are hyperbolic, lazy, antiquated, nonsense.

Sounds like a bunch of people expressing their constitutionally guaranteed rights to speech and assembly, to me.

Why do you hate America so much, Jim’s Son?

Good. It will make Trump stronger. These losers won’t achieve anything by stopping one or two rallies.

I have to say that I do think that trump does have the right to speak, but then again others that protest against Trump have that right too.

Still, I do think that Sanders does need to tell his supporters to cool it a notch.

I pointed before that so far it is clear that Trump has been in a bubble, but that was an information bubble to me. But the article does point to another bubble that I should had noticed too, all along he has been making rallies in places where he had lots of support.

Now you tell me that the sooner Trump is starting to make rallies in places were there is more diversity that suddenly he is finding how many do not like him?

As pointed before to you, that will likely make Trump stronger among several republicans, but not all of them. Once the contest goes to the general election the more responsible, moderate and smart Republicans already saw the writing on the wall:

There was a lot of talk before about dismissing early polling, but the early polling did show the general place Trump was going to reach in the primaries. The same pollsters also noted that Clinton and Sanders do beat Trump in the matching polls for the general election, for months already; but more importantly: more recently when people do note now how much likely we will get a Trump vs. Clinton election, the most recent polls are becoming more favorable to Clinton and Trump is losing ground.

And like Trump says, they should knock the crap out of the protesters. Don’t worry, Trump says he’ll pay their legal fees.

Yay violence!

What evidence do you have that they were Sanders supporters?

@GIGObuster let Trump get the nomination first. I think he is favourite vs Hillary.

If someone breaks into your house and starts shouting for no reason, I think you should be pardoned if you knock the crap out of that person.

As pointed before, the hand* that is writing on the poll wall is not waiting for the main event to start. It did not wait for the primaries to start either. The point I made stands anyhow.

  • Before it was the hand of god, but nowadays it is from more accurate oracles :wink: that while they make mistakes they are still good in pointing at the overall trend.

According to news stories, it’d be all the people shouting “Bernie!” and waving Sanders signs.

Is the arena owned by the University of Illinois Chicago campus (and the surrounding streets) the house of Trump supporters? I’d think the students of the campus win by that analogy, as lousy and odd of one as it may be.

Really, why would you think that supporters own the space any more than protestors do? And that the appropriate response to speech you dislike, even loud speech, is violence, rather than speech of your own? (Or, if laws are being broken, calling in the proper authorities.)

It would be? As in, sometime in the future? What news stories are these, then?

Georgia State students were kicked out of the rally that happened on their campus, even though all they did was to stand silently.

I hate to defend the Trumpians, but presumably they rented the place out and are free to use it for the purposes that they rented it for. I guess it’s debatable which optics are worse- a lily white crowd raising -their hands to pledge everlasting loyalty to their fuhrer or the crowd trading punches with protesters.