How long can MRSA live on furniture, rugs, etc?

This has been the worst week ever- we had to put both my MIL’s dog and our dog to sleep because both had drug-resistant staph infections (MRSA).

Do I need to throw away all my areas rugs now? I already plan to bleach the living shit out of the floors, walls and leather sofas, but what about sisal area rugs?

Any ideas? I am too fucking sad to google for it- reading about MRSA just makes me more upset. Thanks.

I don’t know, but I just wanted to tell you how sorry I am and that that really, really sucks.

According to this website:

"MRSA is spread from one person to another by contact, usually on the hands of caregivers. MRSA can be present on the caregiver’s hands either from touching contaminated material excreted by the infected person or from touching articles contaminated by the skin of a person with MRSA, such as towels, sheets and wound dressings. MRSA can live on hands and objects in the environment.

What will happen at home?

If you have MRSA at the time of discharge from hospital, there is a small chance of spreading the germ to your family. We recommend you practice the following:

* Everyone who might help you with your personal hygiene or with going to the toilet should wash their hands after contact with you.
* Wash your hands before you make any food and before you eat. This practice should be followed by everyone in the household.
* Wash your hands well after using the toilet. If you share a bathroom, make sure others using that bathroom wash their hands well afterwards.
* Clothing may be laundered in the same manner as the rest of the household laundry.

** * No special cleaning of furniture or items (e.g. dishes) in the home is required.**"
Bolding mine.

Hope that helps

Thanks. I went ahead and threw away the rugs anyway, I am scared for my kids’ health (perhaps unreasonably, but still…). I cleaned the leather couches where Angus liked to sleep with Clorox wipes, and I will wash the floors with a 10% bleach solution and wash everybody’s bedding (we were all petting him, of course).

Such a rotten thing.

That MRSA is horrifying (I’ll admit it- I finally googled and wished I hadn’t). My SIL is a clinical psychologist but a scientist at heart, and when she read the email from the vet about his test results, she almost fell off her chair. He was resistant to every drug that might have helped.

My vet says there has been quite an uproar in the medical community recently over treating animals with big antibiotics once reserved for humans, and they are changing their protocols.

I am sorry to hear about the dogs.

I just weathered an MSRA staph infection of my own (I won’t link to the thread unless you request it). Yeah, they are bad.

My suggestion to you is that you examine any scrapes or dings on your family once a day for signs of infection. My experience with MSRA is that they start as teeny weeny little blemishes that rapidly become painful all out of proportion to their size, *then *they become nasty looking. So if you or your kids have what appears to be an unusually painful bug bite do go to the doctor promptly.

I washed the clothes and bedding with bleach per the bottle instructions for disinfecting laundry. I didn’t do any other special cleaning. No other humans or pets have ever caught it off me during either of the MSRA infections I’ve had. You are right to be concerned, but don’t panic or get overly stressed about it.

Oh girl, how did I miss that? I am so glad you and yours are all okay now.

I feel like a gorilla going over my squirming boys, but I’m doing it. And I thought that checking for head lice was a pain in the ass…

The house has never been more clean, I’m sure. I couldn’t help but feel sad though- it was as if I was trying to erase all traces of my dog. :frowning: