I got MRSA

Just diagnosed.

Left leg.
I cannot go into work.

Just scratches, but yellow & oozing.

The Doc has seen me, & lots of shots & pills were applied.

But there are no beds in the local hospital, if it comes down to it.

Because my idiot neighbors won’t wear masks & think that vaccines are frikkin black magic!

I’m sending all my best wishes your way.

You got a small town in Ethiopia? Cool.

Good luck Bosda, Staph infection are a pain to get rid of. You might be just as well off at home though from what little I can remember about them.

Anyone that wants more details on MRSA:

That sucks. I’m sending healing vibes your way. Take it easy and talk to the docs if anything at all seems to be getting worse. Hopefully you can get all the help you need now and not need the hospital. I’m pulling for you.


Was this comment meant to be humorous based on the OP’s misspelling in the thread title? If so, it has badly missed its mark. Don’t be a jerk.

Not a warning, but it’s a close call in my opinion.

Bosda, I will keep good thoughts. You’re facing down a serious situation. I hope all goes well for you. Please keep us posted as you can.

Community acquired MRSA skin infections still are fairly easily treatable with standard antibiotics and wound care, at least. Most strains are still susceptible to trimethoprim/sulfa or a tetracycline, and often to the quinolones like Cipro. I treat at least 3 or 4 cases a month, all outpatient.

Stupid hospitalized vaccine refusers make it more stressful and dangerous though

Get well quick.

Get well soon, buddy.

Got in a fight with a stupid anti-vaxer on Facebook today. They refuse to acknowledge that they are impacting patients that have a 1000 other ailments not Covid related.

Sending healing thoughts !

Bummer. I hope you clear it quickly.

Those stupid motherfucking freedum idiots didn’t have a problem taking their kids to get their measles shots so their kids can go to school/get free babysitters, why the fuck would they have a sudden problem with this one.

All those ignorant troglodytes can’t seem to remember that they survived getting their mumps shots and a bunch of those assholes are ex-military who survived getting all of their childhood shots AGAIN because the military doesn’t fuck around with their property. Sick troops can’t go out and die for their country if they are busy filling up the goddamned hospitals. Dumb fucks.

I’m sorry those brain-dead selfish jerks are doing this to you, Bosda. I hope your recovery is cheap, fast and painless.

I’ve had a few skin infections over the years (including a MRSA) and they’re never fun, but even the most severe, which did require outpatient surgery, did not require me to stay in a hospital so even without covid there are high odds you’d be at home anyway.

Follow the doctor’s orders, lots of rest, fluids.

Best wishes.

I was considering of posting this a couple of weeks ago, when it happened. But I got cellulitis in my right leg (the leg I use for just about everything :scream: ).

I was in the hospital for a couple of days. They are inundated with COVID cases, so they had to release me early (the one silver lining of it all, I guess).

Yeah, there were about five doctors consulting on my case. Four thought I had cellulitis. One holdout thought it might be a vascular problem. (The weird thing that led to this, was the fact the redness stopped abruptly at my sock line.)

Yeah, you’ve got to stay the course on the antibiotic treatment, even if you feel much better. To do so is to invite even more tragedy (sorry, but I have to be blunt on this).


Oh yikes! Best of luck to you Bosda. Glad you’re on the mend Jim B.

Doctor Ours, my MD, is on top of this. And agrees with you, though he is more worried about the resistant strains.
My warm thanks.

To all my fellow Dopers who posted here (save one :zipper_mouth_face:), my warm thanks for your friendship.

Sorry to hear this Bosda; good luck with your treatment. A few of my family members had MRSA and it was treated with antibiotics, better rest, lots of good fluids and nutrition, and some patience.

Get well soon, best wishes on healing!

It is not improving.
Another appointment with the Doc Monday.
I’m worried.
He ordered an x-ray on Friday, to see if it was reaching the bone.