How long does Cocaine stay good for?

Well the last time I asked this question it was closed by Rico, but one pit thread, and an ATMB thread, later I have been told to ask the question again by TubaDiva so I’ll just hope for the best.

The reason I am interested is because I just wonder what factor time plays in how hastily the drug is illegally shipped from countries like Columbia to the U.S. Of course also wanting to make the profit as soon as possible would be another reason. But anyway onto the point…

How long does Cocaine that is ready to use stay good for? weeks? months?

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Well, Pool, cocaine only lasts a very short time before it loses its fresh, springlike aroma, so one must be as proactive as possible when using it to spruce up a place. I like to garnish my blow with a delightful floral arrangement and just a dab of potpourri.
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I have read that some cheaply made cocaine retains the aroma of solvents used in the processing. So, some storage time might let some of the solvent evaporate, making the smell less unpleasant. If you’re talking about the strength of the drug, I have no information on that.

Cocaine hydrochloride should be pretty much inert, chemically. As long as it was stored in a cool dry place I don’t see why it wouldn’t last for years.

However, street cocaine is always cut, and it’s frequently cut with things (e.g. sugars) that are not so inert. Cocaine cut with lactose would go bad as soon as the sugar went bad, I would guess.

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Sugars are hygroscopic, meaning they attract water, which I’m sure doesn’t do wonders for the shelf life either.

Cocaine gets cut with lactose? I have never heard of that. Would it last longer refrigerated in that case? I see my intolerance to lactose must also be a consideration for my drug choices, not just my foods.

I thought it was cut with mannitol.

Guess that’s what I get for relying on High Times for all my insider information!

Are there any bacteria that would live and feed off cocaine powder? How about fungi/mold?

I wonder is Anthrax spores would be easily discerned if mixed with cocaine, that would be a very nasty possibility considering how cocaine is often snorted.

Having worked with pharmacutical cocaine, I can say it lasts a long time, at least a year.
The cocaine we used was suspended in liquid and stored at room temp. It had a standard one year expiration date. I don’t know if it would have been good for longer or not.
Of course, that doesn’t speak to any sort of cutting product, since it was 98% diluted to 5% in a sterile solution, then sealed in a vial.

To paraphrase Edwin Starr:

“Cocaine? HUH! What is it good for… nothin’!”

An eightball will generally last 24 to 36 hours.

Not in my house, it wouldn’t.

I’ve been clean for over 15 years, but I would go through between an 1/8 oz and 1/4 oz per day at my worst.