How long does it take vagina to clean sperm inside it

Please forgive me for my ignorance.

In a hypothetical situation, a male ejaculates into a females reproduction organ (vagina). I am curious about how long at maximum (worst case scenario) it takes vagina to completely get rid of the sperm put into it.

I apologize for the sexual nature of the question if this is disturbing. I want to approach this from a medical/analytical/scientific point of view.

Rid of the living sperm? Could take 9 months in a evolved state. Or rid of the material that made up the dead sperm, so that no traces of it remain (still can take 9 months)?

My question pertains to the situation where the sperm is NOT evolved. :slight_smile:

OK, but are you taking about ridding of the living sperm (as they die in place), or the dead sperm evacuated or broken down/decayed, or the breakdown products of the dead sperm, evacuated or absorbed?

That’s a very, very in-depth of inspection of the situation.

I was talking about the breakdown products of the dead sperm, evacuated or absorbed.
But if you could share information about each stage you described in your post, it would be great.

I see that this thread directly follows one about cleaning lint from dryer vents with brushes. :eek:

Sue Johanson (“The Sunday Night Sex Show” in Canada) had the memorable line to one caller - “your vagina is like a self-cleaning oven”, essentially in reponse to a question like the OP’s. Basically it would push out any “residues” fairly efficiently all by itself.

This suggests that 2 days is standard for sperm test, an for any fragmentary DNA, up to 8 days:

Which smells much more pleasant :reek: