How long is a moment?

I’ve heard that a moment is, technicaly speaking, 90 seconds long. I’ve googled it and I didn’t find anything of any interest concerning this. I was wondering if anyone here had any information on this.

Longer than “a second,” but shorter than “a minute.” Generally speaking. :smiley:

What happens once in minute, twice in a moment, but never in a thousand years?
lol I love that joke,but I don’t know why?

Well, according to, it’s indefinite, but generally interchangeable with “minute” when the latter is used loosely, such as in “just a minute, we’re doing the dishes!”.

I’ve heard it referenced as being 3 minutes long by some folks, but I’ve found no documentation for that assertion.

I’ve looked in various dictionaries, some online, some not. None of them specify an actual time. I’m very curious to the origines of this word. I find it doubious that it was just a word for an “unditermined period of time.”

Also go first to the Online Etymology Dictionary

That a moment is 90 seconds sounds like one of those Snapple bottle cap “facts.” I think they should offer a prize for anyone who finds one of these “facts” that is actually true.


Merriam-Webster gives the etymology as:

This indicates the origin was a “particle just sufficient [in weight] to move the scales;” therefore implying something very small. It seems reasonable that this meaning could have been extended to mean a very small (unspecified) period of time.

What about this etymology do you find dubious?

As far as I know, “moment” has no technical meaning related to a unit of time. As **Qadgop ** says, some people may assert that it has some such a meaning (which varies between different individuals making the assertion), but this has no actual basis in fact.

“Moment” does have some technical definitions, which are:

Honestly, folks, such skepticism. From the OED:

One-fortieth of one hour is ninety seconds. The “fact” is true, and I claim my five pounds.

I’ve always thought of a moment to be like the time it takes you to realize you have actually woken up and are not suspended in time. Way shorter than 90 secs in my somewhat still dry brain, but then time is an illusion according to quantum physics, and I’m a laywoman. I want to elaborate, but I can’t dang it.

OK, I stopped adoring you.

1 moment = 1000 millimoments



The letter M.

According to my boss, about a week and a half.

I’d go say it’s a Planck time . :wink: