How long should it take for Vista SP2 to be "preparing to install"?

I am using a computer that hasn’t been online for about four months. First Windows update to come up is Vista Service Pack 2. I told it to go ahead and install that.

It’s been “preparing to install” for more than five minutes now.

It’s an Athlon 64 X2 6000+ with 2GB RAM. (Which may give you some idea how fast it should be able to do whatever it’s doing.)

Should it be taking this long, or is something wrong?

Alt-Tab to see if any window needs user input to proceed.

Otherwise, just wait another 5-10mins and reboot and retry the upgrade if you don’t see the progress bar move in that time.

ETA: Vista SP2 is about 350MB, so it shouldn’t take longer than that to unpack and begin installation, but it’s been a while since I installed it so it’s always better to just wait it out a bit longer.

I don’t remember SP2, but SP1 took a long time to intall on my machine. It actually took longer to install the service pack than it did to install the OS.

Is this disk light going? One of the things SP2 does is make a restore point, plus it backs up everything its going to overwrite, so it does take a bit of time to get going.

I’ve seen it take up to 20 minutes.