Number of XP Computers trying to install SP2?

Just out of curiosity, I’ve tried to determine how much bandwidth Microsost will use trying to upgrade everyone to SP2.

I figure I had about 90 megs of download, plus some extra stuff that took just as long (it seemed). I’m probably too conservative in saying that there are 1,000,000 computers that will need the upgrade (that is, will connect to MS’s servers and not have the tech guy do it over the LAN). Works out to 90 Terabytes of transfer! No wonder they’re breaking it up.

Any ideas? On the plus side, we might be able to hear their servers melt down from across the country.

Remember that a majority of the computers that are or will be upgraded to SP2 are at use in the work environment. As an IT professional, it was easier for me to download the entire Service Pack (266 MB) and put it on my local network (or CD)for installation on our company’s pc’s.

Don’t know if that answered your question, but that is how I’m getting around the download problem.