What's going on with WinXP & SP2 on CD?

I’d read that Microsoft would mail out the new Service Pack 2 on CD to those who requested it. Which made me glad, since I’m on a dial up modem and the local lines are not very reliable. Given that SP2 is somewhere in the 70-80meg range, my chances of downloading it successfully are approaching zero, even if I were willing to tie up my phone line for 8 or 9 hours straight.

But when I went to the windows update site, all I could find was a page saying something like, “We are no longer accepting requests for SP2 on cd.”

What happened? Is this just a temporary hold, or did they get so many requests they can’t affort to honor them all?

If the latter, I’d be happy to pay for the cd & postage rather than wrestle with DLing this monster. :frowning: