How long to hard boiled eggs last?

I love hard boiled eggs, but I never make them because I don’t want to make just a couple at a time but then I don’t want to make a bunch and have them go bad.

Also… what’s the best method to making hard boiled eggs? I’ve only done it a couple of times in the past and don’t really remember the details of how long to cook them, whether to do it cold or room temperature or what all the other tricks are.

Ooooh now I want egg salad. I guess that’s a good way to make sure they all get eaten, eh?

Hard boiled eggs get used fast here. No reason to let them sit around.

The sell by date on the current batch is 2 weeks away.

We actually keep a rotating supply of eggs that are 2-3 weeks old just for boiling as they peel easier.

Fresh eggs are better for baking/cooking.

Place in cold water, bring to boil, boil for 10 min., put eggs in ice water.

I recall my Easter eggs went bad after a few days. I never seemed to eat them all before they got bad.

Pickled eggs last for a long long time.At least 4 months. My dad pickled his own.

I usually just boil a couple at a time. There’s no reason that you have to make a bunch of them.

Place the eggs in a sauce pan. Cover them with cold water. Bring to a boil. Once it’s boiling, turn the heat down to about half and continue for one minute. Move the pan away from the heat and let them sit covered for 12 minutes. Rinse in cold water. This method keeps the yolks from getting that ugly green stuff and doesn’t make the whites rubbery. Boiling for too long ruins them.

I have a ceramic stove top, as did my grandmother before me, and she taught me to put eggs in cold salted water (enough to cover the eggs), turn the heat to the highest setting. When the water boils, turn off the heat, cover the pan, and leave it on the burner for 15 minutes. The residual heat is enough to cook the eggs. Supposedly, you adjust the sitting time according to egg size, but I’ve never had a problem with a green ring, even when I buy medium eggs. I do drain the hot water and run a couple of changes of cold water in the pan after the 15 minutes are up.

I’ve never really had a problem with hard boiled eggs going bad. I’ll use them as a salad, and every human in the household enjoys a hardboiled egg as a snack now and then. If I thought that I had too many hard boiled eggs, I just have to make deviled eggs. Problem solved.

once boiled, eggs don’t last nearly as long as they would in their raw state, I believe.