How long will $1 last on the bulletin board?

Monday afternoon (July 11) I post a $1 bill to a company bulletin board to see how people would react (this board has department graphs and the like on it).

Since I rarely pass by it, I won’t get a chance to see people’s reactions. Instead, I will note how long it remains there. If it lasts over a week, I’ll go put it on the public board, the one that requires permission and an official stamp to grant posting rights. There, it should be taken down, but whoever might take it down will be hesitant to do so for risk of looking like a pilferer.

Heh. I like this idea. I may do it myself.

Oooo, good one. An idea worthy of The Difficulties of Being a Goof. Yeah, I do believe I’ll be stealing this idea as well.

Now, the quandry – do I post the buck on the board here in my office (Pros: It’s within my line of vision, so I’ll be able to witness the results…Cons: smaller pool of possible participants), or on the main board near the cafeteria (opposite pros and cons)?

Make sure you log it at first.

Oh, man! This is the greatest idea ev4r!

Yeah, that’s what I was going to suggest to. Linky link.

Ok, my bill was placed on the bulletin board (the one in my office) at 2:45 pm, EST. It’s also got a Where’s George tracking page set up, and the WG? URL written on it.

My guess: it’ll remain on the board for the day, but one of the cleaning crew will snag it tonight. We shall see!

You posted it this past monday? How long did it last? Or is it still up?

It reminds me of the time I was in college in Bemidji, MN and I was doing some studying at the local Perkins. The bus staff had cleaned off a table and the hostess seated a couple at a table. The waitress who previously had that table hadn’t picked up her two dollar tip. The couple sitting at that table was unable to have a conversation for more than a minute without having their eyes go back to that cash. The waitress didn’t pick it up while serving them either, so it sat there throughout their entire dining experience and collected a fair amount of eye traffic.


Tried that at my office, with a $20 bill. Took it back down after four months.

It’s gone as of this afternoon.

So it was there about 40 hours.

I guess it’s safe to assume you don’t work in a law office

I’d really like to know who took it.

Once I tore about a quarter of a twenty dollar bill off, and parked my car on it so people walking by saw what looked like a twenty laying under my wheel. Then I sat across the street and ate my lunch watching. What good fun that was.


It was there when I went to lunch at 3:00, and I just noticed that it was missing. So, it lasted somewhere between 48 and 50 hours. Here’s hoping it shows up on Where’s George at some point.

Heh, the Where’s George entry on “where you got it” will probably either not be made by the swiper or be made up. I doubt “stolen off a bulletin board in the workplace” will ever show up in a Where’s George tracking log.

On the other hand, I had a friend who posted a ten pound note in her cube along with a collection of other foreign currency and it was up for over a year(including a $500 Jamacian bill I gave her) before she took it down and gave it to her mother to use for bus fare when she was headed to London. Between the Jamacian and the British currency she had about $30-35 on her wall and it never disappeared. Maybe I just work in a very honest office.


A couple guys I knew working at a stand in a subway station (lots of foot traffic) superglued a quarter to the floor. It stayed there for a week with dozens of people a day trying to pick it up. … and then one of the cleaning crew used a chisel to get it!

Everyone knows that cash in an office environment is kind of worthless. Like cigarettes in a prison, the only way to get things accomplished in the cubicles is with chocolate.

Tape a Hershey bar to that bulleten board and see how long it lasts.

My boss left a $20 laying on the counter near where I sometimes work. No reason for it to be there. It stayed there for a few hours, nobody else really hangs out there. So I asked him if he had had any money out, and he remembered the $20 right off. Never said why he left it there, some sort of loyalty test? Nah, he’s just kinda…scatterbrained.

I think I’ve told this story before…

When the new $50 bills came out, we noticed that the backs looked “fake” compared to the old $50. So we stuck it in a scanner and printed it on an ink jet…just the back. We made a couple and wrote “Fooled You Dumbass” or something similar on the blank front. Took them to the bar and discreetly “dropped” them on the floor. Hilarity ensued as we watched the bar patrons go from thinking they’d struck it rich to seeing they’d been had.

(I know, you’re not supposed to make copies of currency, but until the “Fooled You Dumbass” edition of the $50 comes out, hopefully I’ll be OK)

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