How long will it take UPS to go get the package?

They delivered it to the wrong address, with signature confirmation. Somebody else signed for it, which really pisses me off. I contacted the seller and they told me that UPS is looking for the package and they would get back to me. I have been waiting 2 weeks. Should I continue waiting or just give up?

Perhaps you could call UPS yourself and ask.

If two weeks has passed,OP I would simply re-order what you have or ask for a credit Or both. If the person who signed for the package didn’t return and UPS hasn’t contacted you or the shipper about the matter, then the package is probably in “package theft hell.”

This happened to me once and I demanded that I either receive another item or reimbursement. I got my money back and then ordered the item from another supplier. That time I got it.

Contact UPS and see what the holdup is and then begin the process of obtaining a refund.

I tried that. They said I had to go through the seller.

2 weeks is too long to wait for an answer. I would assume your request is not being handled at all by now. Call the seller again.

It’s up to the shipper to file a claim with UPS for a lost package. If the seller can’t supply a proof of delivery to the correct address, then you can easily dispute the charge to your bank card.

Call the seller and tell them that unless they make good immediately, you’re going to dispute the charge with Visa (or whoever) and then follow through if you don’t get satisfaction.

Which is why we should always use a credit card for these internet purchases.