How long without fresh underwear?

How long you guys can go without changing underwear? or even socks?
My record for underwear was one month :o (no skid marks though)
Socks, about month and a half.

Ummm… ewww

I change underwear after a day. Two days tops. Socks I can do for two or three days, but even that gets questionable.

Well, that explains the lesion on your dong.

Can you stop telling us about your vile hygiene issues, please?

It also explains why he has problems attracting women to said penis.

Oh! common man ,this is pit ,I was carefull not get to deep into the subject.Put me on ignore list and everything going to be OK :slight_smile:

I thought this was going to be someone pitting a fellow person for reeking of ass but obviously I got completely turned around by the OP.

Oh yeah, and since this is the Pit and not say IMHO, let me just say:

I change my motherfucking underwear evertime I take a motherfucking shower and even then I change the nasty shit smelling bastards after a good workout if I can’t immediately shower.

Remember that thread you started awhile back?? the “Where’s all the women” one?

Well, THIS would be one VERY definite answer to that question.

Underwear? Ha, I don’t wear any. Socks though? More than 8 hours is pushing it.

I shit when I wake up, then shower and wash my ass. I go Commando.

Socks? A fresh pair in the morning, then Nature Boy when I get home. (Unless it’s cold out, then a 2nd pair at night)

Well, look on the bright side. You only have thirty six more underwear changes before you become a moderator.


May I elaborate just a little bit on my one month record ,nothing gross kids I promisse.
It was long time ago when during my stay in Europe I decided to enlist in Foreign Legions ,after 6 months of gruelling training in France they droped us (about hundred Legionaires ) in the middle of Algerian desert . Our order was to get back to base.It took us( hot shots) about one month . No shower,no fresh underwear,socks .HOLY COW! :eek:
I stayed in FL for the next 3 months and that is it ,no more military for me.ever!

Sure you did. :rolleyes:

NP, you never cease to amaze! I wonder how many dopers can say they served in the Foreign Legion. Do you guys really wear those peaky caps?

Yeah, this is the Pit. It’s the place for rants and venting, also the place for comments about the staff of this message board (which usually is rants and venting). It is NOT the place to post gross stuff. If something is too gross for IMHO or MPSIMS, then DON’T POST IT ON THE SDMB!

I’m closing this thread. Don’t open another thread in the Pit just because you feel like posting nasty stuff.

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