Why the hell should I change my pants every day?

I wear underwear ans socks. I’d like to think that mid thigh to my mid calf does not sweat so much as to create ‘pit stains’ behind my knees.

So then, if I don’t spill anything on my pants, WTF should I change them and wash them more often then neccesary?

Good pants cost $70-$100. I don’t need them wearing out any faster than is absolutely needed.

You wear a shirt under that coat right? You don’t wash your coat every day, do you??

So, then, as long as I change my underwear why can’t I wear the pants 2-3 times without washing them?

Thank you, and always brush your teeth.(©Stupendous Man)

With a name like ‘Pizzle Boy’, I think you’ve got your answer right there…

I don’t change my pants every day, for the reasons you state. My jeans probably smell like a cess pool. I agree with you completely. Smelly bastard.

Well, Myndephuquer, if that is your real name…

Okay…both of you, I should go into a little mini-rant about the trouble I just got into because of you. ‘Just what’s so funny out here?’ says my boss.
Can I tell him it because this thread has a fucking hilarious title and that you two are making me laugh my ass off over dirty pants–or semi-dirty, anyway? Can I admit to thinking that this is a riot? No. So now, on top of laughing in the land where laughter is no allowed, I have to lie.
I don’t even remember what I said.
Just so you know…I don’t either. Sometimes. But you can bet I won’t wear anything more than once without thinking of you.
Made my day. Thanks.

Pizzle, I don’t wash my pants after one wearing either. Not since I lived at home and someone else did the laundry for me. But I never wear the same pair two days in a row. Gotta give pants some time to air out, you know?


I’ve tried that. It’s too much trouble hang those puppies back up in the closet, then keep track of which I’ve already worn.

They come off in a heap on the floor, get put on again the next day, unless I spilled on them.

I would just love to have someone say: “didn’t you wear those yesterday?”

Why yes, I did. Thank you for noticing.

Thats the great thing about college. Different classes everyday. You can change your clothes once a week and no one is the wiser. Sometimes I end up wearing my pajams all day, and no one really cares. The great thing is I can wear them all the NEXT day, as well.

I guess it’s pretty grotty, but all my clothes end up in a heap on the floor, clean or dirty. I pick out what doesnt smell and wash 'em when everything stinks. Whatever works.

I never change my pants. In fact, I have only one pair. I’ve been wearing it for three years now, if only because it won’t come off anymore.

Don’t fall down any stairs . They might break you filthy bastard :smiley:

I have 2 pairs of pants (black dress pants and kackhi dress pants. I have 5 blue oxford shirts and 5 white oxford shirts. I have one pair of black wing tip loafers and one pair of burgandy wing tip loafers. Here is the deal: I have over 50 ties. You can wear the same damn thing every day: Just put on a different tie. No one knows.

How do people find the time to wash a pair of pants after one wash?

Hell, I have time to do laundry every two weeks, tops… so, yeah, I ‘recycle’ my jeans between washings…

Well, that makes up a pleasant mental image, doesn’t it?