So if you go commando, do you wash your clothes more often?

After skimming this thread:

I wondered if people had to wash their jeans, etc., more often because of their generals :slight_smile: being so close to the fabric of their clothes. It seems that the answer would be yes. Esp. during hot weather. I thought the purpose of underwear was to avoid having to wash outer clothes as often.

I change clothes at least on a daily basis, but I’d do that even if I wore steel long johns under my pants. I just grew up with the attitude that anything that was worn once was dirty. Besides, I live in Texas, and sweat is what affects the freshness of clothes around here.

When I’m going out in public to school or something, I wear fresh clothes every day. When I’m just hanging out with friends, I can be seen to wear clothes twice, or even three times between washings. When I’m just being lazy at home…I wear a pair of clothes until it either stops flexing and I have to have it cut off with the jaws of life, or it becomes too stinky for even I to stand. Over a week, with regularity:)