I'm fixin' to get my panties in a bunch.


This just don’t make no sense. I just did my laundry, and I’m sitting here looking at my panties, lord. Alright. I know I get my panties from Walmart, and I know they’re cheap and all, and that’s fine because I just don’t want to pay all that much for my drawers. But really. Is it too much to ask that my panties not fall apart after I wash them for the first fucking time?! :confused:

I don’t breakdance in my britches. I don’t go skiiing down a mountain on my panty-wearing ass or even waterski on my behind. Nor do I expect the wash cycle to be all that traumatic to my clothes generally. Spin cycle should not give my underwear permission to unravel. I want my panties to get clean, but getting clean does not mean having the thread or elastic come out after they’ve gone through one–count it ONE–wash cycle. I repeat. I am not rough on my clothes. And actually I don’t particularly care if my drawers are ragged. Most of them are. Yes, I wear panties that have holes in them and have elastic missing. :cool: But, dangit, I paid good money for them panties, and I want them to last for awhile. And I don’t want to pay a king’s ransom for some fancy panties neither. Nor do I particularly want to go commando, althought that possibility is looking more tempting every day. It isn’t fair that I should be walking around with holes in my drawers and/or wondering if the remaining elastic will keep my britches on my ass. You know? [sigh]

I suppose this is a lame rant, and my mother would fall out [giggle] if she knew I was posting on a public message board my business about my underwear, but this is just beyond ridiculous. :smiley: Oh well. She’ll be alright.

Thanks for listening, y’all.

Why don’t you buy some men’s undies? They’re the same idea, but owing to the sexism of the clothing industry they’re much better put together. My boxers (and my one pair of briefs that I only use with cutoffs) last pretty much indefinitely.

I think that airing dirty or clean laundry in public is just tacky. :smiley:


“your mom”

Ya know, even if you buy expensive, shi-shi foo-foo ladies skivies at La Senza or La Vie en Rose or the Cat’s Pajaymas or whatever, they fall apart if you put them in the washing machine.

The hot water (assuming you use hot) melts the elastic and it comes unraveled. The spinning stretches the arm bands and leg holes. Agitating against the other items damages the fabric. Etc. Etc.

I have to hand wash all my ginchies if I want them to last, and when you pay $75 for a bra, you want it to last, right?


comando is looking better and better…

I like bunched up panties.
Is that bad?


To make your “delicates” (even the ones which don’t seem like they ought to be delicate) last longer –

[ul][li]No hot water washes[/li][li]Use cold water – warm if you must, but you really shouldn’t (it’s better for the environment, anyway)[/li][li]Skip the regular detergents[/li][li]Skip the bleach – chlorine or non-chlorine, they’re both destructive[/li][li]Use Woolite or some other “mild” cycle detergent[/li][li]Barring Woolite, try Dreft or a baby detergent[/li][li]I’ve heard good things about OxiClean, but have no personal experience with it[/li][li]Skip the fabric softener, it contributes to fabric breakdown[/li][li]Add white vinegar in the rinse cycle to remove all excess detergent residue which adds to fabric breakdown, too[/li][li]Use the gentle cycle if your machine has one[/li][/ul]

Unless your delicates are, erm, heavily soiled, this should be sufficient to get them clean and make them last longer.

EWWW. No hot water or beach?? But I want All the little germies killed. My crotch is no dirtier then the next persons (but that’s another thread all by itself), but you can’t tell me that the bacteria that thrives in urine and feces (which my undies have none of by the way)are killed in cold water, and no detergent.

I didn’t say “no detergent” I said use a mild detergent – and if Dreft is suitable for washing all of the things that can get on babies’ clothing, it’s suitable for just about anything. As for water temperature, unless your hot water is boiling hot, it’s not killing anything either. Your detergent doesn’t contain antibacterial properties (we haven’t gone that far, yet) and you’re not adding about a quart of chlorine bleach in the average sized US washing machine, so none of those things are killing “germs” for you in and of themselves, either. The manual washing process is doing the lion’s share of the work, and that isn’t being co-opted.

There are many things that I could get into, especially since this is the Pit, but I’ll be kind and just say that washing in the manner that I’ve suggested is sufficient if your delicates are not soiled. You can use your imaginations as to what I mean by that.

By the way, I should’ve added to my list – skip the dryer. The heat of the dryer will ruin the elastic faster the heat of hot water.

[pervert moment] Mmmm… panties…[/pervert moment]

But men’s underwear have this strange extra space up front — oh! I guess we could use it for, uh, storing mascara?

I guess you could store mascara there… but really it’s for rolled-up socks. Thought you’d wanna know!:wink:

Sure. Tell everyone my dirty little secrets, why don’t you??? :mad:


Jockey french-cut underwear are so well stitched, as evidenced by the permanent indentation on my right hip, that nothing short of a power washer could rip them up.

Well that, or an enthusiastic puppy.

My sweet Marcie washes her undies with Woolite, on the “gentle/handwash” setting and uses nothing but cold water. I never hear her complain about them wearing out, although Victoria’s Secret’s profit margin does rise and fall on her need for new lingerie.

Can I just recommend this option? I freed myself from the tyranny of underwear years ago, and you would not believe how comfy commando is.

Wash 'em cool. No need to worry about germs, just give the cotton gusset a quick dab with a steam iron.

Maybe this is an American wimminzunderpants thing? My Marks and Spencers underpants last for ages.

Maybe you should just buy a different brand. I wear Hanes Her Way, and they suffer all sorts of washing machine and dryer abuse, and they don’t fall apart. And they’re cheap and available at the WalMart.

You know, I always thought a whole page of women talking about their panties would be sexy. Sigh…

Really, diku, this thread is just like marriage. You think it’s going to be non-stop sex, but actually it’s more like non-stop laundry.


So many responses to a thread dealing with my panties. :smiley: Now lessee.

matt_mcl, sweetie, thanks for the suggestion. I haven’t bought briefs–them things are way too big, and I prefer bikini or French cut panties–but I have bought boxers. Boxers just feel like shorts. They’re too big and loose, and I feel as if I might as well just go commando.

samclem, LOL!!! :stuck_out_tongue: I might just have to show my mother this thread for that remark to see what she has to say. :slight_smile:

alice_in_wonderland, yeah, girl, I know. I don’t fool with shi shi froo froo nothing if I can help it. But I don’t have the time to hand wash my drawers either. I do wash my panties in hot water, though, because I just feel like they don’t get clean if I don’t. [sigh]

Reeder, LOL!!! You may feel free to like any kind of panties you like, dear. :smiley:

tlw, thank you. Those are great suggestions. :slight_smile: I hadn’t thought of doing the gentle cycle or using a gentler detergent. But I still can’t wrap my mind around not washing my panties in hot water.

Pundit Lisa, Hmmm. Jockey underwear? But them things are so expensive. Still, I might just try one pair just to see what happens.

Lucretia, well, at this point I’m so disgusted with my cheap panties that I might just try going commando. :smiley:

LouisB, awww, thank you sweetie, for the Woolite/gentle cycle tip. :slight_smile:

Tansu, hon, thanks for the ironing tip, but you see I’m lazy. I hardly ever iron my clothes, and I really don’t see me ironing my panties. Besides, wouldn’t the heat from the iron damage the elastic in my undies just like putting them in the dryer would?

Green Bean, yeah, I know I should try a different brand. I think I might actually have some Hanes panties. Hmmm. I’ll have to check and see.

diku & Duke, LOL!!! I’m sorry y’all aren’t getting titillated by us ladies and a few fellas talking about women’s panties. [giggle] This thread’s young yet. You never know what’s going to happen. Maybe someone will come along and post something more naughty. Do you have any preferences for naughty things you’d like for folks to post about their britches? :smiley: