Women: What's a normal number of underwear to own at any given time?

This is to settle a slight dispute.

Second question: What would you say about someone buying around 150 different panties over the course of 10 months? Is that normal?

I keep 16 pairs around, so I can go 2 weeks without washing.

I don’t know what’s normal for others. I think it’s kind of crazy that I have 6 bras but when I helped my friend move I found that, for her, “normal” is like…40.

I have enough to fill a single dresser drawer? About three weeks worth (20-21 pairs)? Some of them need to be thrown away because the elastic is all worn out and they’ve got holes. But I still wear them. I just have to make sure I’m wearing nice ones in case I should ever have to be rushed to the hospital.

Yes, 150 pairs in 10 months is extraordinary, especially if they are the cheapie kind that I get. I know someone who claims to own 300 or so. Everyone’s got their one weird thing, I guess. And I’m sure she thinks I’m weird for wearing holey drawers.

I would say having a two week’s worth (so 14+ pair) to a month’s worth (30-35 pair) would be well within the range of normal. I probably have 20 pair.

Purchasing 150 pair in 10 months seems, excessive to me. Buying a few pair a month, then discovering after a couple of years you’ve accumulated 150+ pair is different.

Geeze, 150 pairs? Does she only wash them twice a year?

Pretty much exactly what Rhiannon said. I have probably 20-25 or so pair of the cotton standby Hanes and then 8 or so nicer ones that coordinate with some bras.

There’s also the price disparity between the “nicer” undies from lingerie stores and the multi-pack style of such like Hanes from Target. 150 pairs of the “nicer” ones at anywhere from $10-$20 or more per, is a bit of an expenditure. Of course if that’s all paid in cash, well, I guess one can spend their disposable income where they please. But if that’s on a credit card, it’s time to have a serious sit-down.

How many pairs would fit in a the drawer of a tall dresser? A few dozen, but not nearly 150. A lot of women’s underwear is pretty terribly constructed, though, and it’s not at all unusual for them to only hold up to a few washings.

If it was just some anonymous person buying all those panties, I would suggest perhaps they are selling used panties on the internet? :smiley:

I’m sure that’s not the case with you. :slight_smile:

(Not being sarcastic; just so you know.)

I probably have about 20-25 pairs of panties, and maybe 15 bras, though only five are in regular rotation (It’s wonderful when you finally find a bra that fits well…of course, it is now discontinued) and that really fills up the underwear drawer. I wouldn’t even want to have 150 pairs of panties to corral. But then, I have 150 skeins of yarn I will never use, and probably 4000 books on shelves and in boxes, and at least 200 cookbooks. So maybe she just collects panties instead of having 45 nail polish colors? Or 75 purses? Or 80 pairs of shoes?

About 4 weeks’ worth, since I don’t want to wash socks and underwear with other things and it takes at least 2-3 weeks for 2 people to accumulate something even resembling a full laundry load of socks and undies.
If I could buy 150 pairs in 10 months, I would probably have decided that they are a disposable use-once kind of thing, since I don’t see the point of re-wearing twice a year.

She’s not a free-bleeder, is she?

2-4 weeks worth is probably the standard amount.

But everyone has their thing, as we discussed in this recent thread.

I have 30 bras, because my favorite keeps coming out in new colors and patterns.

I would say that as long as you are not complaining bitterly about not having enough money (I’m talking to you, coworker with the dozens of purses and pieces of Tiffany jewelry who doesn’t understand why she can’t pay her bills), indulging a panty-buying hobby is pretty harmless.

1st: enough to be sure they won’t run out of clean underwear. The actual amount will depend on the washing pattern: “access to washing only once a forthnight”, better have enough for a month just in case the washing machine chooses that day to break; “there is washing 6 days a week but different things”, you can have less.

2nd: are they starting an underwear store?

If I wasn’t 100% sure you’re female, that would have told me you were a man. One of the duties of steady girlfriends seems to be getting rid of the Holy Holey Underwear. I’ve had several partner-less male flatmates and every single one had Holy Holey Underwear.

Maybe you need a girlfriend? (duck and run)

Another 2-3 weeks of underwear gal here. Fewer bras, I could use more of them, but on my budget they’re a major expense even for a so-so one.

150 pairs is an unusually high number.

I’m the guy in charge of throwing out my wife’s holey old undies; she’ll never notice they’re falling apart.

She (and I FWIW) have about 1-1/2 to 2 weeks worth. Enough to not run out of the weekly washing is delayed a few days.

Perhaps she was a rock star. Amy Lee of Evanescence wore a new pair of panties every day when they were on tour, to avoid having to deal with laundry.

I’ve got between 30 and 50 pairs, but only a dozen in regular rotation. The rest are rejected/replaced ones that I can’t bring myself to throw away.

Five real underwire bras; four comfy stretchy ones.

I have probably 30 or 40 pairs. I do get rid of them regularly, though, and 150 in ten months seems like a lot.

I recently bought superhero ones from ThinkGeek. Couldn’t resist. Wonderwoman, Superman, Captain America, and Batman. They are cute! :slight_smile:

I hate you :mad:… off to ThinkGeek

45 bottles of nail polish?! How could anyone have such a needlessly huge collection??

:: Awkwardly tries to draw attention away from her far, far larger nail polish collection ::