Why would you want to feel like your panties are trying to escape?

I came across this site while shopping for undies.

“More comfortable than a thong. More discrete than a brief.”

If you want to be comfortable and discrete, you should wear a different type of jeans.

Those look way uncomfortable.

Yes indeed. Those low-rider jeans do no justice to any bum, and wearing knickers to compensate just doesn’t.

“More comfortable than a thong. More discrete than a brief.”

Gotta agree with The Sausage Creature. Clever use of words, there – bet those things don’t come anywhere near to being more comfortable than briefs.

Hunh. Who’da thunk that plumber’s crack would be the hot new style?

They look like you’d feel like your underwear was falling off all day.

Having spent an hour observing “builder’s cleavage” in a bar the other day, sported by a 22-year-old hottie sitting near me, I have to say I’m all for it.

Here’s an idea: Don’t wear any undies at all! That way you don’t have to deal with the feeling of “butt floss” or showing panty lines.

And I’m with jjimm on the whole showing the “builder’s cleavage” by hotties. The more of it, the better.

What I find weird is that they actually spelt it ‘discrete’.

So, do briefs come in size 3.14159… or something?

That’s the single most useless item I’ve ever seen. I can’t imagine that those things would be more comfortable than *any * of the alternatives, they don’t even appear as though they’d cover your entire frontal business, and wouldn’t they give you the exact same under-ass panty line as a brief or bikini?

Also, there’s no law that you have to wear your thong pulled up way over your hips. Those straps will rest nicely under the hip bones if you let them.

At this point, I’d have to ask, “Why bother?” Just go commando and be done with it.

Yep gotta go with you there as I’ve done the same thing.

Matter of fact I’ve been known to move around the pub in order to get a better view.
I know, I know…I’m a perv. :smiley:

You will be pleased to know that the linked site is blocked here. I feel so … protected.

Am I dumb this morning? 'Cos I just can’t figure out how that would even stay on!!!

I don’t think they stay up on their own. The jeans keep them up, the straps keep the fabric from moving forward.

Why do low pants make everyones ass look flat as a board?

They don’t if they fit correctly. The problem is that too many women would rather be able to say they’re a size six than to buy the size eights that don’t flatten their ass and squeeze all excess flesh into that “muffin top” over their waistband.

For Paul in Saudi. Can’t let you miss this!

So…the panties are already pulled half off?

Sisquo needs to come out with a new song…

I thought the purpose of the low-rider jeans was that you were supposed to show a tantalizing glimpse of the thong underneath. Oops.

Has anybody here ever played the bar game called “butt quarters”? I think in underwear like that you’d end up walking much the same way people do when trying to clench a handfull of change between there cheeks.