How many Americans will die due to the election?

It’s obvious that the rising US COVID case rates over the past few weeks warrant at least some new measures to prevent another exponential spread. Many areas of the country went on some form of lockdown in March, and the case and death rates were reduced dramatically. In areas that didn’t, they went up.

But no politicians, even those who normally would, seem to be advocating for additional measures at this point in time. The only reason I can think of is the fear of near-term political consequences. We know what to do, but won’t do it.

Combine this with all the political rallies, related travel, protests and counter-protests, and it strikes me as ironic that we have politicians proclaiming that they are the best to lead during a pandemic, while simultaneously killing those that they are telling.

I can only speak for my local place in the world, but there’s no way the voting here won’t be socially distant and mask worn. That’s what we can do.

" President Donald Trump’s campaign rallies between June and September may have caused some 30,000 coronavirus infections and more than 700 deaths, according to a new study by Stanford University economists."


This describes only people who died because they went to Trump’s rallies. Of course there are other ways the election can be killing people.

And entirely separately from the COVID pandemic, are the people who may end up dead around this election due to the violence that one candidate more than the other seems to be fomenting.