How many are left in the Coalition of the Willing?

Simple question. I’m not asking for any opinion or comment on the number left. I lost count (don’t take that as a comment).

Most recent list of dropouts I can find is…

* Nicaragua 
* Spain
* Honduras
* Norway
* Dominican Republic
* Philippines
* Thailand
* Hungary
* New Zealand
* Singapore 

Anyone more recently? What are the numbers?

Of course, as soon as I post…

A pretty detailed listing as of November:

A nice map: keeps reasonably up to date on this.
As of December 24, 2004, there were 27 non-U.S. military forces participating in the coalition and contributing to the ongoing stability operations throughout Iraq.

There is also a smattering of non-military private security. They serve as bodyguards and armed support for cargo trucks, mostly. In the overall scheme of things, their numbers don’t amount to much.