How many ballons would it take to lift you off the ground?

Ok supposed I weigh 180 pounds, and I have access to all the helium filled latex balloons I want. How many do I need to lift me off the ground?

Mythbusters did this one. It took appx. 3500 balloons for a 44 lb child. 79.54 balloons per lb=14,319

Thy Master Speaketh about a man who used 42 weather balloons filled with helium to lift him while seated in a lawn chair. These were not regular latex party balloons, but the story is worth mentioning in this thread.

There’s a mathematical (physics) way to figure this out if anyone’s interested…

Gaseous helium has a density of 0.1785 kg per cubic meter, and air has a density of (about) 1.2 kg per cubic meter. That means that for each cubic meter of helium attached to your mass, you’re replacing 1.2kg of (neutrally-buoyant) air with 1.1215 kg of lifting force. If you include the mass of the deflated balloons and string in your own weight W, then the number N of balloons that can each hold V cubic meters of helium should be:

N = W / (1.1215*V)

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