How many blinks to simulate sleep

So hypothetically let’s say you try to not sleep but compensate by blinking more. How many times and for how long will you have to blink to achieve 8 hours of sleep.


I don’t see that blinking is related to sleep in any way. Sleep is defined by brain activity, not whether the eyes are open or not. For example, sleep walkers are still asleep, but their eyes are often open.

Even REM sleep, when you dream, isn’t blinking.

72000 blinks if 1 blink is 400 milliseconds. But blinks don’t equal sleep.

What an odd idea. Where did you get the notion that blinking was like a little bit of sleep?

The phenomenon of microsleep, perhaps. Superficially it could resemble blinking but is distinct from it in several ways, the person may not have any idea it’s happening for example.

I don’t know about blinks but you want 40 winks.

I wonder how many times you’d have to flare your nostrils per minute to make up for not breathing.

[sub]I don’t really wonder about that[/sub]

Now you’ve got me thinking about flaring my nose! [shakes fist]

Just one eight-hour-long blink.

Blinking for sleep only works if you’re dreaming about blinking for sleep.

The muscular effort of blinking many many times in rapid succession, as OP seems to envision, would cause more fatigue that you would recover from even if the brief eyes-closed times were actual sleep.

A solitary delightful enrichment for “blink” from Finnegan’s Wake, with both meanings spelled out in one:
An eyegoneblack. (German: augenblick: “moment,” ie, as short as a blink")

This is a very funny post.