How much does rest help refresh, as apposed to sleep?

…If any? You miss REM sleep (correct?), which obviously means you enter you’re Dreamland, (where Kirby lives) with ‘What’s the Frequency, Kenneth?’ cranked up in your skull, on loop, only stopping upon exhibiting the dream state.

I really have felt pretty tired at one point, laid down and maybe stretch for about 5 minutes and meditate for 20 minutes, perhaps with the original intent of actually falling asleep, but then I’d get up with a seemingly charged battery. Does it deplete faster in the long run or something? Also, you’re not necessarily dreaming, while in REM. right?


There is a lot unknown and some long held ideas have not held up over time.

However you want to be aware of the phenomenon of micro sleeping. One of the hallmarks is that you don’t notice them. Just because you think you didn’t doesn’t mean you really didn’t.

You get some people who claim to rejuvenate with very little time. Eg, Power naps. Some suggestion that sleeping for one cycle can be very beneficial. Which would be about 90 minutes.

In the other extreme you have loonies that attempt records for time without sleep. They start to hallucinate and have significant deterioration of mental function the longer they go. One might suspect that the hallucinations is dreaming trying to assert itself in a weird manner.

But as far as is known they recover after a few days of normal sleep. That is normal days and nights.

There is evidence that short naps of about 20 minutes can be beneficial.

Napping: Benefits and Tips.

Just bumping this because I have had the the same question for a long time

I take the point about microsleeps, but excluding that, I also would like to know how much value is there lying in bed for a few hours with eyes closed but still awake compared to actual REM sleep. 80%? 50%? 10%?