How many Canadians commit crimes in the US? How many are here illegally?

This is really a GQ question, but you can probably see where I am going with this.


To be honest, without context this question looks like it could be trying to establish some sort of unpleasant ethnic stereotyping about white Anglo immigrants not being disposed toward criminal conduct. I really don’t think that’s your intention, so perhaps you might consider clarifying.

Of course they commit crimes, but they always turn themselves in and apologize.

Interestingly, it turns out that immigration strongly correlates with lowered crime, both in the US and in Canada:

Tip of the green eyeshade to the editor who thought of titling that article “Arrival of the Fittest”, by the way. :slight_smile:

Anyone concerned living within a 100 miles south of the border might like to establish volunteer foot-patrols to walk the boundary from end to end on their days off.

I hear there are some mauvais hommes up there in Canada, though.

There are over 13 million admissions into the US from Canada every year.

Roughly 460,000 aliens were apprehended in 2015 and around 700 were Canadian.

I was actually trying to make the point that those darn canucks like my mom’s side of the family come across and commit crimes, and that anecdotes do not data make, for those who weren’t clear on my motives. That Trudeau isn’t sending his best. He’s sending rapists.

I don’t think Trump speaks French as well as he does Spanglish.

Alex Lifeson assaulted a police officer in a throw-down in Florida in 2003. Not only did he skate on the charges (slap on the wrist), he ended up with a settlement from Ritz-Carlton.

Imitation maple syrup … there’s a crime for ya …

So Canada only contributed 700 “dos mouillés” out of 463,000 illegal aliens apprehended in 2015?

Small wonder. Have you ever tried to swim across the St. Lawrence in January? Friggin’ cold, eh???

Anecdote: My mother was in the US illegally for almost three decades. As far as I know, other than lying to border agents on a dozen or so occasions, she committed no crimes. Unlike my immigrant great-grandparents, who immigrated legally from Italy and committed a whole rash of crimes in the early to mid-20th century.

These two murderers were Canadian citizens.

Have you seen the price of real maple syrup. That’s the crime.