How many computers have you got in your house?

Well now I have a desktop computer running Windows 2000 Professional which doesn’t work and a tablet and a notebook computer running Windows 8.1 with Bing and that’s it so what have you got? But is there anybody who can tell me more about this then?

More about what then? The 2000 PC which doesn’t work?

I’ve got an Asus tower and a Dell laptop, both running Win10.

Define ‘computer’ FWIW I may have a hundred of them running around

Between my wife and I we have 8 PCs that we actually use, although 2 of them I just keep for occasional testing of old software. There are 3 more that probably can’t run anymore. I have at least a dozen old CPU chips. 2 TVs and microwaves that have some kind of processor in them. Maybe the fridge has a processor in it too, don’t know. Almost forgot the Arduino, plus 2 motor controllers. Maybe more if I start digging through boxes in the basement. Don’t know what’s in my kid’s stuff in the attic, must be at least two old video games up there. Then there’s my cell phone and when my wife gets home she’ll have 2 phones and some other gizmo and one of those things she wears on her wrist.

  1. A Dell laptop running Windows 7
  2. A $50 Android tablet that I never turn on a home, strictly for travel… Mainly as a free out-call Google-phone where there is Wifi, since I have no cellphone.

Computer will have to be much better defined for an answer. We’ve got three that are actively running (four if I power up my work computer) but that doesn’t count two smartphones, and two working but powered down computers, and it certainly does not count the computer in my smart Blue-Ray player which can surf the web, badly, or the one in the microwave, or DVR, or CD player, etc., etc., etc.
All of which are much more powerful than the minis I used in grad school.

Counting smart phones and tablets? Then:

1 PC
1 Macbook Air
1 iPad
2 iPhones

We’re going to be buying another MacBook Air in a few days. It’s a good big smaller and lighter than our existing one and it’ll be a good travel computer.

Oh, we have an iPod too, but I’m not sure if that counts.

One desktop that is used daily, one that works but we don’t use because it’s old. two laptops.

7 tablets.

Two desktops – our main computer (now with Win10) plus my older (XP) one which I just haven’t bothered to recycle yet. There are also two laptops we never use (one doesn’t even boot."

They come in very handy. When someone calls from “Microsoft” and tells me I have a virus on my computer, I say, “which one?” :cool:

I guess I’m the Luddite in the crowd, just the Dell XPS420 desktop with Windows 7 (so far I’ve avoided having to upgrade to 10). Works just fine for my needs.

1 old PC that still works but is seldom used. Requires a hard-wire connection to the internet.

2 laptops - 1 work, 1 personal

2 tablet computers - 1 10.5 inch, 1 7 inch

1 smart phone

All the non-working ones were recently offloaded to a recycling service.

My laptop is a work computer that mostly lives at the office, but it’s at home a lot of the time. (And since I own the company, I do use it for personal too). My wife has two computers at home, and we have two dead computers that we haven’t gotten around to getting rid of them properly. But we also have family staying with us, and she has two more desktops and one more laptop. So… 2full-time working, 4 more temporary/part-time and 2 non-working. Potentially that’s 8.

Then there are phones and tablets, including an ancient iPod touch that’s only used for NetFlix… so 11 more devices that I’d call a computer.

I’m not counting the X Box yet. Or the device for our security cameras, but it does run a stripped-down version of Linux…

I have literally a closet full of old computers in various states of repair. Floor to ceiling full. But then also my main on in the living room doing the home theaterings, laptop in the bedroom, various phones I don’t use, my phone I do use, my wifes phone, computer on the back porch running the sound out there…really far too many (don’t tell my wife I just said that). most are hardly ever used.

I have a Windows 10 desktop hooked up to my 46" TV that serves as my main home computer and media center. I have two work laptops but I only use one of them. I also have an Samsung Galaxy S tablet that I use in bed and an iPhone that work just gave me but I can do I what I want with with as long as I answer their calls. When my daughters are here, add two iPads. That is five just for me and seven for three of us.

Then what?

The “daily drivers” that are in active use are:

Two 27" 2013-era iMacs
Two iPads
Two iPhones
One Lenovo Thinkpad with Win7
One Toshiba Win7 laptop

Plus a roughly 10 year old IBM Thinkpad that lives only to support the arcane software that runs my phone system.

After that, we get into Internet of Things territory with the single-purpose streaming boxes, video game consoles, thermostats, DVRs, etc.

MacBook Pro
iPad Air
Original iPad
2 Fire tablets
Samsung tablet
Windows laptop

2 MacPros (one first-gen, the other the new trashcan model), 2 Macbook Pros (only one really gets used–the other has Windows for when I need it, which is pretty much never except for a couple of games), 1 Mac Air, 1 iPad Air 2. And a non-functional MacBook and MacBook Pro. If you count iPhones, an iPhone 6 that I use daily and an iPhone 5s that has been relegated to being a glorified MP3 player and audio streamer. I think somewhere I may have my old PC desktop lying around, too. Oh, and a first-gen iPhone that is basically just a museum piece. I am similarly as bad in getting rid of my old digital cameras, too.

Define computer. The TV, DVD player, gaming consoles, etc all have computer chips in them.

If by computer you mean stereotypical computers, I have 5 I think. Two laptops, 1 tablet, 1 smartphone, 1 ipod touch.

Not counting things built into the television and such (dumb basic operational parts that could be deemed a computer) ----- one. It’s an early Mini.