How many days do you work in a year?

I own my own business and I’m the one in charge of making sure someone is here 9-5 to answer the phone, so I am here every week day (260) minus my birthday, 10 days for Christmas/New Year’s, Memorial Day, 4th of July, and 2 days for Thanksgiving. I get no official sick days and rarely take any, but I will take maybe 3 days off here and there for whatever.

So about 240-243 days a year, I’m sittin here.

364 days. I’m off on Christmas day unless it’s a Sunday.
On the positive side, I work 4.5-5 hours most days, maybe 6 on Sundays.

I’m self-employed and I sometimes prefer doing a few hours of work on the weekends in exchange for shorter days during the week… and during the tax season I work all day every day anyway. So, I’d say 330 days a year. Honestly, that’s more likely to be on the low side than the high side.

260 work days minus (20 days of vacation plus two floating holidays plus five personal days plus nine company holidays plus eleven sick days, should I need them) = 213 to 224 working days.


Add in the weekends I am on call, which is every other month. Depending on work needs, I may have to answer a question or two on the weekends.

Hard to say. Remunerated work? Zero, I’m retired. But my life’s work, my real life’s work, is mathematical research and I used to think about it virtually every day of the year. Now, not quite so much, but I have published 30 papers in the 16 years since I retired. I probably do something about half the days of the year.

I have worked every day since November, 2015 except for January 23, 2016 when the retail store I work in was closed due to the blizzard.

Thanks for doing the math for me, The Stainless Steel Rat. This is the same for me. Although I occasionally work a 9/80 when I need a day off, I still consider that 10 working days since I still worked 80 hours. If you want to count those, I do that about 5 times a year (or I have amassed 8 credit hours and take a day).

If 8 hours counts as a day of work, then somewhere around 740 days a year. FML.

Work year is 5 8-hr days, so 260 days - 5 vacation days is about 255.

4 on, 4 off, 12.25 hours days. Less 1 hour lunches, so 11.25 work hours. So 183 this year.
Less vacation - 16 work days
So 167 days.

We are finally starting to get public holidays, calculated as 8 hours per day for 11 days. 88 hours, to be used as 11.25 hours to get a day off. That is 7.8 more work days off. Call it 8.
Drops me down to 159 days.

I am eligible for up to 10 working days off as sick leave. Usually do not take nearly so many. Maybe 2 sick days on average.
Puts me at 157 work days.

If we add back overtime days called in to cover others’ sick leave then probably bump me back up to 162 or so.

260 – we have no holidays where I work. If you are scheduled, you work.

In addition my sidelines usually take up say 40-45 other days. Although for some I use Unpaid Time Off from my “job”.

4 days a week, with the occasional Monday mandated holiday off. I generally take less than a week of paid vacation per year, so I’m going to say about 200 days per year.


Start with the 260, minus holidays, ADO’s and leave takes me to 215 days that I **go to **work each year.

I reckon I probably actually work on about 50 of them.:o

Neighborhood of 235. Give or take a day depending on the office closing for especially adverse weather or some other unusual event.

-22 vacation
-8 holidays
-4 (at least - winter break days)
+3 or so vacation days I don’t get to

229 ~63%

I can take sick days if needed – I took maybe one last year.

I haven’t taken a sick day in eight years.

No wonder so many spend so much time posting here!

Another self employed person. Right now I’m working 6 days a week and I don’t see that changing anytime soon so that 312 but I’ll take Thanksgiving day and Christmas day off.and I’ll probably take a couple of sick days so I’ll end up around 300. A couple of years back I worked 355 and that included one day off for a shoulder replacement.

Maybe it’s not so weird my wife thinks I’m a workaholic.

At my company (at my level) employees get 4 weeks of vacation and 10-12 holidays, depending on how the calendar lines up. We are on a 9/80 schedule so there are 9 workdays in every 2-week period.

If my math is correct, the total varies between 198 - 200 workdays per year.