How many dead cell phones do you have?

Just one, an old LG 3G smartphone that was my first smartphone two smartphones ago. I should also have my previous smartphone, a Droid Razr M, but I let my grandson borrow it a few years ago when he broke his phone, and I never got it back once he got a replacement.

My wife, on the other hand, has about three or four old Nokia Windows phones in a drawer somewhere. Neither of us have any old flip-phones, we recycled/donated those years ago.

Oh, crap. I need to change my answer. I forgot about that flip phone from prehistoric times.

I’ve got an old Radio Shack phone somewhere that is the size of brick. I didn’t throw it away because it has a cool Grateful Dead sticker on it.

Even when it was current/top-o-the-line, I may have used it three times.

I’ve only had two cell phones in my life; my current flip-phone and the old TI-SRC-style one I passed on to my MIL when I got that one.

Just one.

You mean like the one I’m still using? :wink:

I put down zero, but there’s a theoretical possibility that the pre-flip-phone brick I had a decade and a half back is still kicking around somewhere, so perhaps the number for me is actually 1.

Um … don’t take this as being judgmental in any way, but … **WHY? ** :eek:

Zero. I donate them. But then, I don’t go for a new one very often. My current is ~ 4 years old. I do tend to hang on to old computers too long though.

Sure. Construction business. If I get two full years out of a phone that would be amazing. Much of my business is done on he phone now, so it’s constantly in and out of my pocket all day long.

I use my previous Samsung on my bedside table as my alarm. It has no SIM but is connected to my home wi-fi so I can check the news and traffic when I wake. I also didn’t install any social media apps on my new phone and can only ever check them on the old phone. This has cut my social media usage by about 95%.

Every other phone that has been replaced has immediately been recycled.

Zero. I buy a phone when I lose the old one. My latest, a Galaxy S III was “last year’s model” when I bought it through CostCo 5 years ago. I’m waiting for the 5G models to hit sometime next year before replacing it.

My first one was a bag phone and I thought it was kind of cool to still have it, but enough’s enough. I have too much crap to take care of and am thinning it down. Excess junk is like excess body weight except it’s much easier to get rid of permanently, so why not do so? It also helped that I found out about selling old iPhones on Amazon (at least I think that’s where I’ve been doing it, but I’d have to check to make sure, as it’s infrequent).