Stop laughing at my phone!

My phone finally died last week. It was a “classic” Nokia (brick), roughly six years old and tough as hell. It’s been dropped into water at least 12 times, seven of which one a single occasion, and come out fine every time. Yeah, one time I dropped it in the toilet seven times in a row. Shutup, I had difficulty navigating the pocket.

My brick was my buddy. That little bastard didn’t have color, didn’t have a camera, couldn’t send text messages but had one sweet ass ringtone. I regularly missed calls jamming out to that monophonic bad boy–its cool factor did not wane one iota in the six years I listened to it.

But it just sort of, well quit. It died of old age.

Off to the T-Mobile store for a replacement. I share a plan, and my plan buddy already used her upgrade, so I don’t get a freebie. Merde. I walked up to the first lady who looked unoccupied and decided to ask her about fixing my phone.

Saleswoman: "Sure, let me see it.

“…ahahahahahahahah (gasp) aahahahahahahahahahaha”
ForumBot: :frowning:
Saleswoman: How old is this thing?
Forumbot: (shifting uncomfortably) Six? Seven years?
Saleswoman: aaaahahahahahahaaha.
Forumbot: Look, my phone is broken. Can we fix it? I don’t have money to buy a new one.
Saleswoman: OK, let’s open it up. Oops, you dropped it in water.
Forumbot: “Twelve times!”, I bragged
Saleswoman: Poor little guy just…must’ve just lost the will to live.

calling to a coworker Hey, Jerome! Come look here! You remember that phone you had in middle school?
Jermone, Saleswoman together: hahahahaaahaahaahaahaah
Forumbot: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Please tell me you weren’t still using this thing, cause . . . wow.

Are you on a T-Mobile family plan? Because if so, each line gets its own upgrade; that your other line already used its upgrade shouldn’t mean you don’t get one for your line. At least, that’s how it’s worked on our T-Mo family plan for the last few years.

Failing that, eBay yourself a cheap phone if you want. The beauty of GSM is that you can get your phone from wherever as long as it’s a North American or world GSM phone, and the best thing (IMO) about T-Mo is that they don’t care at all where you get your phone from. I haven’t bought a phone from them for my own use in probably 6 years, and they don’t care. I use my upgrades to get phones cheaply that I then turn around and sell on eBay or to get a phone to play around with or to have as a backup.

Missed the edit window :frowning:
T-Mo’s current entry-level phone is the Nokia 2610. You can get it under the handset upgrade for $14.99. I recommend using T-Mobile’s website for this as opposed to going to a store, cause sometimes the store people don’t always know what’s going on – especially if it’s not a T-Mobile store but rather a third-party dealer.

Poor ForumBot. :frowning:

Let me get this straight, you dropped your phone in the toilet while trying to put it in your pocket and didn’t move away from the toilet after the first unsuccessful attempt? Or the second? :dubious:

There may have been mitigating substances involved.

Thanks for the phone suggestions, but I ordered one online a week or two ago. It ships fro China, so of course it’s taking FOREVER to arrive.

Until just recently, I used a Startac. Loved that phone. All it did was make phone calls- reliably and clearly. I feel your pain.

Or the sixth?


At first I thought I’d laugh at the OP, but the number of frownie smilies broke my heart. I feel really bad. Did you ever see that Ikea ad with the old desk lamp left out on the street in the rain? That’s how I feel about ForumBot’s phone. What a shame.

I had that phone until maybe a year and a half ago and LOVED it. It was indestructable!

May I ask which phone you ordered? Personal curiosity.

I got the Nokia 6820. Nokia definitely got a repeat customer.

I didn’t know you could buy an unlocked GSM phone in the US. The last time I was home my GSM went a little haywire on me and I decided to replace it. All I wanted was tri-band, a phone book, and an alarm clock. I could not find a single phone that wasn’t locked to some vendor or another.
I even tried Radio Shack and all their were locked as well. When I asked how to unlock one, the salesman acted like I’d asked him where I could find some young boys or something, “Uhhh, I think there’s web sites that can do that.” and started shuffling away from me.
Never mind, I got a killer Sony Ericsson**


You had pass protection in a bathroom? Wow, your offensive line is dedicated.

Seriously, though, that’s fucked up that the salespeople actually burst out laughing at you. I feel for you.

Well obviously you didn’t drop it in the toilet enough times.

My brother had one of those and he really liked it.

One user’s note: on the top of the keypad (underneath the screen when the keyboard is closed), on the phone body underneath the screen, and on top of the phone are three sets of contacts. These contacts tell the phone whether the keyboard is opened or closed and they tend to pick up a little gunk now and again. A monthlyish going-over with rubbing alcohol and a Q-Tip kept his phone happy.

I still have one of those… in a box in my closet. I didn’t know they were still supported, but that’s beside the point. You dropped this into a toilet, 7 times and you continued to use it. Following it’s repeated visits to the bowl did you then drop it into a pot of boiling water? I’ve dropped a few things into toilets in my life and the only reason I’ve taken them out is that they wouldn’t flush. Even my favorite baseball cap which fell from my back pocket into the toilet was pitched. Please tell me this phone was subject to a strenuous decontamination process before you pressed it to your face again.

Germs are scary.

I feel for ya.

My first cell phone was one I got from Sprint. I had it for three years with no problems and I was stupid enough to turn it in for an upgrade. My BF at the time was without a phone so I added him to my plan and got him a free phone. They offered me an upgrade and I took it.

I regretted that decision the next day. My new phone sucked. I could not hear through the damn thing, the ringtones sucked and were not loud enough to hear if the phone was in my purse. The case never fit right and kept falling off.

I wanted my old green screen, no text, no internet, see who was calling without having to open it up, great reception phone back. :frowning:

Don’t forgot it also had the best phone game EVAR. (Snake anyone?)