How Many Dead Presidents Have You Visited?

For some reason, this question just popped into my head. For me, it’s Washington and Kennedy.

Anyone else of note? Off the top of my head, I’ve visited Charles Lindbergh’s grave on Maui. Benjamin Franklin in Philadelphia (along with some other early-American patriots in the same cemetery such as Dr. Benjamin Rush).

Saw Ho Chi Minh in Hanoi. (But oddly, despite visiting Tiananmen Square in Beijing several times, I never could be bothered to see Mao.)

For me:
George Washington
Thomas Jefferson
Rutherford Hayes
William McKinley
Woodrow Wilson
Warren Harding
John F. Kennedy

The most interesting other one is the non-tomb of King Richard III of England in Leicester, which I visited before they found his body a short distance away from that tablet in Leicester Cathedral.

I might be the only poster who’s visited Millard Fillmore’s grave.

Taft is buried in Arlington National Cemetery too, isn’t he? I can’t remember if we saw his grave. I don’t think we did. There’s some vague memory if it being out of the way.

I’ve been to Westminster Abbey (various British royals), The Pantheon (various French heroes) and St. Peter’s Basilica (various popes). Also Napoleon’s tomb, Mao’s mausoleum, and Sun Yat-Sen’s mausoleum.

Is Washington buried at Mount Vernon? If so, he’s one.


Well, entombed at Mount Vernon, along with Martha.

Washington, Kennedy and the rich and famous in Westminster Abbey.

I have seen the preserved bodies of:
Lenin (Moscow)
Chairman Mao (Beijing)
Kim Il Sung (Pyongyang)

And been to the tombs / burial places of:
Kemel Ataturk (Ankara)
Habib Bourguiba (First President of Tunisia) (Monastir, Tunisia)
Ayatollah Khomeini (Tehran)
Josip Broz Tito (Belgrade)
Sir Edward Muteesa II (Kampala, Uganda)
Haile Selassie (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)

And one Mausoleum with nobody buried there:
Enver Hoxa Hoxha (Tirana)

And some ancient rulers:
Timur (Samarkand, Uzbekistan)
Cyrus the Great (Pasargadae, Iran)
Shrine of Imam Reza (Mashhad, Iran)
Shrine of Fatima (Qom, Iran)
King David the Builder (near Kutaisi, Republic of Georgia)
and possibly others.

Washington, Kennedy, and U.S. Grant. I’ve been to Washington National Cathedral, where Woodrow Wilson is buried, but I don’t recall seeing the grave site.

Herbert Hoover

Non-president notables:
Bobby Kennedy
Abner Doubleday
Robert E. Lee
Walter Johnson
William Shakespeare (probably - it’s a pretty good bet he’s in the floor of the church where the plaque is).

John F. Kennedy (at Arlington National Cemetery)
Gus Grissom and Roger Chaffee (also at Arlington, but not on the tourist map so I had to ask where they were)
Alexander Hamilton (Trinity Church in lower Manhattan)
When I was at Kennedy’s grave, only Robert was also buried nearby. I believe that Jackie and Ted are also there now. And oddly, I’ve also been to Kennedy’s (Brookline, MA) and Hamilton’s (Charlestown, Nevis) birthplaces.

Oh yeah, I’ve been to Hamilton’s grave at Trinity Church too. And Robert Fulton, who is also buried there.

Yes, Jackie’s there with JFK now. I do believe we saw Bobby’s grave too.

Just Kennedy - part of a school trip back in the 60s.

30-ish years ago, I wandered around thru Cimitiere du Père Lachaise in Paris but I don’t recall visiting any specific famous dead folks. Mostly I remember all the cats that hung out there.


Visited? None

Visited me? Oh man too many to count…

Lincoln and Kennedy.

I also saw Gerarld Ford’s gravesite at the Ford Museum in Grand Rapids, but he wasn’t dead yet.

Notable non-presidents:
Buffalo Bill
Bobby Kennedy

I think I’ve seen only Washington, Jefferson, and Kennedy. But now you’ve gone and put the idea in my head, so I won’t be able to rest until I’ve visited them all. By reference to the Wikipedia’s list of presidential burial places, I estimate I’ve been with 15 miles of 19 more graves and within 50 miles of about five more than that. Now I’m kicking myself for not making those side trips.

*King Tut, Amenhotep and the other royals of The Valley of the Kings in Egypt
*King Khufu’s tomb in the Great Pyramid
King Pedro I & Ines de Castro of Portugal
The royals of Westminster Abbey

*Nobody home, of course.

I’ve seen the tombs of George Washington, JFK, and Woodrow Wilson. Woodrow Wilson’s is easy to miss - it’s a sarcophagus in a church, sitting right out in the open.