How Many Dead Presidents Have You Visited?

All the ones in my wallet, yo!

scoff Or so he said.


George Washington
Chester A. Arthur (just down the road from me)

William Dawes (might have been better known if his name were easier to rhyme)
Bobby Kennedy

George Washington
Thomas Jefferson
James Madison
William McKinley
James Garfield

Cleveland (hah!)

Got in right before me. Cleveland for me too. Princeton NJ.
Also Kennedy and Taft. I’ve seen Grant’s Tomb but have never officially been on the grounds.

I’m embarrassed to admit this, but . . . I’ve seen them all. (I’m a grave buff.) Well, not quite all. I visited the Ford and Reagan libraries before they died. But, I saw where they were going to be buried.

Highlights: the Garfield monument near Cleveland, Tyler and Monroe within a few feet of each other in Richmond, the two Adamses in the church crypt near Boston, Grant’s Tomb (of course!), and Coolidge’s humble hillside gravestone in Vermont.

I’m also a Tomb of the Unknown Soldier buff. I’ve seen the ones in the US, Britain, France, Italy, Greece, Belgium, Portugal (yes, they fought in World War I), Australia, and New Zealand.

Washington - quiet and tasteful. I’ve been to Mount Vernon several times - he’s still my favorite President
Madison - a very ornate grave in Hollywood, a tony cemetery in Richmond, Va.
Tyler - also not far away in Hollywood
Lincoln - the guide told his body’s actually far below the sarcophagus that you see
Hayes - nice garden setting on the grounds of his Ohio home
Garfield - I could walk to his mausoleum from where we used to live
Wilson - a nice tomb at the National Cathedral that includes both the Presidential seal and the Princeton University coat of arms - he’s still the only President buried within Washington, D.C.
Coolidge - a low-key headstone in a steep, rural Vermont cemetery
FDR - nice joint grave with Eleanor in Hyde Park
Eisenhower - visited it on a Boy Scout trip years ago
JFK - seen several times at Arlington; still chokes me up a little
Ford - saw the site before he died

I also saw the many greats (Elizabeth I and Sir Isaac Newton, off the top of my head) at Westminster Abbey; John Paul Jones’s big and impressive sarcophagus in the U.S. Naval Academy chapel; Daniel Morgan’s and Stonewall Jackson’s in Virginia; Alexander Hamilton’s, Robert Fulton’s and Ground Zero in NYC; and Napoleon’s gigantic tomb in Paris.

There’ve been others, but those are the ones I can think of now.

Hey neighbor!
In addition to Arthur

Pretty sure Madison

I pass by Andrew Jackson twice a day, on my way to/from work. Sometimes I wave.

Taylor is a few blocks from my in-law’s house so I’ve been there also.

I’ve been to both Adams’ as a kid. I’m drawing a blank on the others though.

Kennedy and McKinley. The former on our 8th grade Washington DC trip, and the latter about 10 times (I grew up in Canton, and the McKinley monument is required field trip material every year of elementary school.)

Just Washington at Mount Vernon.

I have been to Sen. Joe McCarthy’s grave, but only because my grandparents are buried in the same cemetery.

Why “hah!” with Cleveland?

Just so long as he doesn’t wave back.

I’ve also seen the sarcophagi of various pseudo-important Middle Age and Renaissance personages in various cathedrals of West Germany when I was bumming around there back in Cold War days.

But the basement of one cathedral – I’m thinking it was in Bremen – contained some remarkably preserved Swedish soldiers from the Thirty Years’ War. One had an obviously pissed-off expression on his face that he was at that moment being killed. IIRC, the staff claimed the preservation was due to the lead lining in the basement.

Abraham Lincoln
Woodrow Wilson
Harry S Truman (at his library, kind of like Elvis at Graceland)
John F Kennedy

Who here has visited Cleveland’s tomb on two non-consecutive occasions?

Not a President, but a leader of a nation, Chief Joseph.

Have been to:
John F. Kennedy
Benjamin Harrison
Dwight D. Eisenhower
U.S. Grant
Ronald Reagan
Harry S. Truman

  • Bush, the elder: I was at the site, but it was empty. It’s still empty.
  • Nixon: I haven’t been there yet but it’s in southern Cal, so it’s nearby. I’ll make it there in the near future.
    Also have been to:
  • Charles Lindbergh
  • Napoleon Bonaparte
  • Emilio Aguinaldo, the first president of the Philippines
  • Geronimo (“one who yawns”): he’s at Fort Sill, OK
  • Robert Irsay, owner of the Baltimore/Indianapolis Colts (“Bourbon Bob”) - on my way to Benjamin Harrison’s grave. They’re in the same cemetery. {Also in that cemetery, but I did not go to, are John Dillinger and Jefferson Davis. Crown Hill Cemetery, in Indianapolis.}
    Abraham Lincoln: the next time I’m near Springfield IL, I’ll have to visit his grave. It looks quite impressive.

I’ve visited death related things of:

John Kennedy - Visited his grave and seen the car he was shot in(even broke the rules and touched the seat he was sitting in).

Mao Zedong - he’s mostly wax at this point. It’s creepy. Nice Mausoleum, though.

Abraham Lincoln - I’ve only seen the chair he was sitting in when shot, but pretty neat. It’s in Dearborn, Michigan if you are curious.

As far as presidents, only JFK.

I visited Sir Winston Churchill’s grave at St Martin’s Church not far from Blenheim Palace a few times when I lived in England. It was a very simple grave back in the early 1990s. However I just read on Wikipedia that the stone was replaced in 1998 and the area restored in 2006.

Presidents: Truman, Grant

Other Notables:
Juan Ponce de Leon
one of the alleged Christopher Columbus tombs (Santo Domingo Cathedral, before they completed the huge lighthouse monument)
Various royals and historic figures at Westminster Abbey

I guess I’m just not that big on gravesite tourism.