How many different ways can you repackage "10% Benzoyl Peroxide" and call it new?

I was walking down the medicine isle today at the grocery store and happened to glance over the shelf of acne medications. There were alot of shiny new boxes and new names on the shelves but upon closer glance all these “new” zit creams/lotions/pads they all still have 10% BP as their only active ingredient.

WTF? How do they get away with “new formula” and what not when they are all still using what I presume is the same 10% BP that was in them when I was using them in the 80’s???

Also, why is it that Clearsil Cream (10% BP), for example, needs to be put on and left on over night or whatever but people will still buy face wash (10% BP) which is washed off immediately? Either it needs hours to absorb or it doesn’t. IF it doesn’t then make me a cream I can put on and wash off right away and get the same effect as the over night cream (since they are all 10% BP anyway). If it does then stop selling soap with 10% BP in it when it really doesn’t have enough time to do jack shit.

Bottom line, the acne medicine industry is a giant fucking scam. I’m glad I’m 30 now and don’t have to worry too much about it.

I’m sad that I’m almost 30, and I still do! Sigh.

I’d love to know the answer to this one too.

It’s “new” because it is in a new shiny box. That’s about it.

They probably just added/removed/altered the smell.

Eek benzoyl peroxide. All of my shirts from before a certain era have bleach marks around the necklines. And don’t get me started on my old towels. When they make it clothing-safe, then they get to put a “new” sticker on it.

The only thing that got rid of my acne was the pill.

Yeah, man!

I’m pissed about this too. I was out shopping for some spur-of-the-moment “spot” acne cream, and I had the $3 generic Walgreens 2% Salicylic Acid clear stuff in my hand, which I picked up instead of the $4.50 “Clean & Clear” name brand stuff.

But then the $8 Super Important Looking Clean & Clear stuff caught my eye. “Advantage”! Rock on! They came out with an even more powerful clear version!

I got it home and the stuff out of it’s really Super Important Looking box (which was kind of hard to figure out) and THEN took a moment to look at the active ingredients and…holy smokes! 2% Salicylic Acid was the only active ingredient!

They seriously took “Advantage” of my 28-year-old acne emergency :frowning:

At least this stuff smells nice…I guess I paid an extra $5 for the nice smell and the fancy box.

When I was in the throes of puberty, I had severe acne, the kind which laughed at the benzoyl Peroxide solutions. I ended up getting through it with accutane. Benzoyl Peroxide is useless snake oil.

Fuck the makers of Benzoyl Peroxide solutions. Fuck their marketing campaigns that make acne suffers feel like crap. I would trade half my life savings just to get a chance to pound the face of the jerk who came up with that Oxy campaign circa 1985.

You’ve had 28 years of acne?!

Me too.

Amen - I have often thought the same thing. However, ignorant consumers are the reason they get away with it. Most consumers don’t know enough to look at the label and see what the active ingredient is, so they don’t realize it’s all the same shit. They are attracted by the flashy new packaging and little do they know they’re paying more for the same stuff.

Oh my god! I just did the same thing. Except there wasn’t a generic option, so it was either $4.50 or $7. Advantage was also the only option that didn’t have dire warnings about extreme dry skin (which I’ve already got; no reason encouraging it), so I snapped it up.

Two-fifty extra for a pretty box and smell. I can live with that, considering that my enormous chin-dweller zit is gone, and it only took three days for that to happen. Way better than the hot compress and cursing procedure I was applying before.

EDIT: The reviews on that site are hilarious, especially the one that describes the reviewer covering her entire face in it, despite having only a few blemishes. Did she not read the directions?

To be fair, acne has many causes, and benzoyl peroxide products do work for some (most?) people. While I’ve never had worse than mild acne, I’ve always responded pretty well to it, and I have a friend who had severe acne who responded well to a high concentration of it (after being on accutane twice and it not solving the problem). However, the price disparity typically involves fragrances, packaging and marketing, though on occasion you’ll see other innovations (a benzoyl peroxide cleanser with a scrub to remove dead skin that can clog the pores to combine with a benzoyl peroxide lotion to leave on for later).

I think some formulations are combined with moisturizers etc. to keep the skin from getting quite as ravaged. I can’t use the 10% stuff because I might as well be taking conc-HCl to my skin. It’s hard to find, but I found one that’s I think 2 %. I thought I could just dilute the 10%, but that still gave my some problems.

I suppose I could just “borrow” some from lab and make my own sollution.

What about that mail order system – I forget the name, but it used to be pushed by Pat Boone, I think.

What is the active ingredient in those?

Proactive? I think it’s mainly salicylic acid, which works for some people. I think one of the biggest benefits of that system is consistency, a lot of acne sufferes hop around from product to product and never give any time to work.

That said, salicylic acid doesn’t work for me. And I’m freakin’ FORTY and I still freakin’ break out. :mad: What does sorta work for me 2.5% benzoyl peroxide which I buy in bulk here (much, much cheaper than anything in the drugstore) and a prescription to differin (like a mild retin A). And I got that electric acne heater thing, Zeno, which I use when I feel those awful big cycsty breakouts coming (I’m not totally sure if it’s working or just making me feel like I’m doing something about it). I can’t use 10% anymore ‘cause my skin is dryer since I’m freakin’ FORTY. I think I’ll be using acne cream 'til I die. Sigh.

I’m also FOURTY, and still suffering acne breakouts. In fact, I’ve got a dermatologist appointment this afternoon – because all the OTC stuff gives me dandruff face nowadays, it’s so harsh and drying on my skin. So I get a prescrip for gentler, and much more effective stuff. Costs more, but works better, and doesn’t do funky things to my flesh and clothes.

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FTR, if your hospital has an outpatient pharmacy, BP is probably really cheap there. I think it’s like $2.90 for a tube here at Kaiser, and no Important Boxes, either!

So, well, don’t leave us hanging . . . did you wash it right off or did you have to leave it on over night?

yeah, I’m a “beauty advisor”, and in my experience some people respond better to salicylic acid, some to benzoyl peroxide. The biggest problem with that is that most people use way too much, leaving their face totally dry, and then triggering the oil glands to start producing again. You want to use something to dry up the excess oil, and then apply a light moisturizer so that your skin doesn’t start producing more to lubricate itself.
And I LOVE my Zeno. I don’t get many blemishes (thank you, genetics!), but when I start to feel that itchy pre-zit bump, I just put the Zeno on there and yum… warm, bacteria killing goodness. (full disclosure: I also get ten bucks when I sell one, but since none of you are in my store right now and I really do love it and think it works well, I’m not being sleazy comission-person.)

AFAIK, salicylic acid can not be marketed as an anti acne product, at least not in the US.