How Many Do You Know With Jan 1 Birthday?

I always suspected that New Year’s Day birthdays were not very common. I decided to into online, and see if any data exists regarding how common or uncommon Jan 1 is as a birthday.

According to this article, not very common. Jan 1 would be the 364th common birthday for babies born from 1973-1999, people from their late teens to early to mid 40’s.

To answer my own thread’s question I know only ONE person who was born on Jan 1. He is a guy I knew from high school, born on New Year’s 1987. Checking Facebook today it seems indeed he is the only contact born on New Year’s. I am myself was born two weeks early, Dec 18, and I know several who were born within few days of Jan 1.

Here is the article for sake of backing myself up.

So any Dopers born on this day or know anyone who was?

My Dad. Happy Birthday, Dad!

Our own Athena! She is the only person I know :slight_smile:

I don’t know anyone born on Jan 1; however, I’m quite sure I don’t know offhand the birthdays of 365 people so I’m sure there are other dates for which I know no one born.

We have lots of NYE babies on the Dope though, me and twickster for example. And not only were we both NYE but also in the same year. I don’t know anyone for sure born on NYD but I’m sure there are some.

My MIL was a New Year’s baby.

My sister. I wasn’t born yet, but I heard the family raked in a lot of free stuff. She was the first born of 1937 in that city.

A friend of mine who turned 45 today. He was born in Vietnam.

My friend’s husband. We always spent NYE together and she’d bring out a birthday cake as soon as the ball would drop.

I don’t know anybody but when I was watching the fireworks this time there was a bunch of girls near me who started singing “Happy Birthday” song to one of them at midnight. I thought it would be kinda cool to get a fireworks display every time it is your birthday.

I don’t know anybody with a 1/1 birthday, at least among the people who’s birthdays I know. I do know a lot of people who were born in January, of the birthdays of people I know about 2/3 of them are in January.

The chart doesn’t tell us anything about the difference in the rankings. January first may be only a fraction of a person less frequent as a birthday.

My uncle and my niece. :slight_smile:

My late Uncle Cliff. When he was a kid, he used to believe that the New Year’s fireworks were for him.

I miss you, Uncle Cliff!

My Uncle Gary.

I actually know lots of people whose “birthday” is January 1st–for one thing, just about everyone from Somalia or Burma I know who came the U.S. as a refugee. At least that’s what their ID says. USCIS puts down January 1st for people from countries such as these, where birthdays aren’t celebrated, and who don’t have birth documents.

So, while not actual births, there probably is a disproportionate number of people whose official birthday is January 1st, for the above reason.

Friend of mine from HS had a Jan 1 birthday… I’m sure I have more, but hers is the only one I remember.

My husband, who used to post here as supervenusfreak, is a New Year’s baby. We’re celebrating by having lunch out tomorrow.

My mom missed by about 45 minutes. She was born on 12/31 at 11:14 pm.

My sister, and one of my teachers.

A friend of mine’s son was not only a Jan 1st baby, he was the first baby born at that hospital that year for which my friend received quite a lot of prizes and gifts from the Hospital (a crib, high chair, baby supplies etc.).