In which month were you born?

Suggested by this thread, and particularly by this post, in which month were you born?



No poll when I posted. :stuck_out_tongue:

We have six October birthdays in my immediate family and have always joked about people getting jiggy in the cold cold months of December and January.

September for me, the result of a too much to drink at a New Years Eve party, according to my mom. Thanks for sharing, Mom.

My brother and I were both conceived on New Year’s, three years apart. According to my mom, she had to get a few drinks into dad, to get him to loosen up. And normally being a non-drinker, she could only do this on New Year’s.

I was born exactly 10 months after my parents got married. Not much of a honeymoon.

My sister and I were each born in August, about nine months after Thanksgiving. My two brothers arrived in late January, suggesting they were conceived around my dad’s birthday. (Four separate pregnancies, all in a six-year span.)

December here, something I want to make a conscious effort to avoid if I ever have kids. It falls right when you’re either studying for finals or you get the combined birthday/Christmas gifts :frowning:


July… though my baby sis was born June, and my own kid’s coming (ideally) June. Wonder what the moral of that particular set of facts is.

March. Thanks for reminding me. :wink:

This one. My birthday’s next week.

Valentine’s day activities would result in births around November 6th, so we may see numbers for October and November running higher than predicted.


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March is by far the biggest month in my extended family with April and June coming in 2 and 3.

Early September for me. Although I never asked my parents, I’ve long assumed I was the result of a particularly nice New Year’s Eve celebration.

August for me. I was a 20th anniversary surprise.