In which month were you born?

My mother’s theory was that planned babies are more often born (to mothers who are young enough to have ample time to wait) no later than early summer because many women don’t want to face the heat and humidity of July and August in their third trimester. My brother was born in mid-June, and my parents had planned to put their second baby plans on hiatus for a few months if he would’ve of been conceived more than a couple weeks later. Maybe this went into your family’s thoughts too?

My user name is a hint to the day I was born.


To quote Bob Seger: “Shit, I’ve known that for 10 years!”

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I am the day after.

October, which appears to be the leader with Dopesters at the moment.

It’s actually far more complicated:

A Time to Be Born

My folks were married in Aug of 52. I was born in Jan of 54. I guess it took them a while to figure things out.

Then my sister in May 55 and bro in Aug 56… :smiley:

9 months plus 10 days for me. And both were virgins. Luckily they discovered contraception shortly thereafter.

Next month.

December. I was told that I’m the result of a March blizzard.

Very interesting!

But as of the present, my prediction for October and November having relatively more births than other months has come true (amongst dopers at least) so I’m going to be smug about that. :smiley:

Especially since it was not the case when I initially posted about the possibility. Numbers then were too small to say much about the data.

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Android phone. I get nothing.

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Maybe it’s not an adequate device afterall.

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the poll has 182 responses so far
but here the sample is much bigger (480,040 people), so it looks like your smugness is justified somewhat :slight_smile:

btw this research was inspired by
newsgroup on Usenet

July 4th :cool:

I’m most likely a New Year’s accident.

Early August. I’ve 2 brothers in June, 2 brothers in September, 2 sisters in November, a sister just missed Christmas and a brother in January. My kids are Dec, Jan, March, and July a few days before his mom. My parents were May and October. My in-laws were Aug and Dec.

Yay cecil-adams usenet. Damn, been ages and ages since I visited there!

Looks like we Valentine’s babies are winning thus far.