Born On Or About November 14th?

Does this mean your parents had a really good Valentines Day?

My dad’s birthday is October 5th, which I’ve heard is one of the most popular birthdays…

His parents had a nice New Year’s Eve, 1953.

Heh… My sister was born on November 15th.

I had never thought of that

Hmm, my brother and a very good friend of mine were both born on November 14th. I never really thought about the timing before.

However, Prince Charles was also born on November 14th, and I can’t picture Liz and Phil getting all squelchy about Valentine’s Day.

My neice was born November 14th, but she wasn’t due until later that month.

Of course, knowing my brother and sister-in-law, every day in February was a nice day. :wink:

I was born on Nov. 11; seven months after my parent’s marriage. My mom swears I wasn’t due and was born early.

I was born on the 13th, but now you have given me way to much information about my parents. Thanks…:rolleyes:

“I was born nine months and ten minutes after my parents got married…”

Well, I was born on November 9th, five months to the day after my parents’ wedding. They tried to convince me I was 4 months premature; however, considering that I was born in the early 60s, that seems quite unlikely (not to mention that I weighed almost 10 pounds).

blinks I was born November 18th… my Mom swears that I was due in October though. Thanks a lot now I feel all oogie.

Never thought about the timing before, dang that’s just plain funny. It means my Mom was boinking someone else’s husband on Valentines Day ! I wonder if my Mom’s husband was boinking someone else’s wife.

I was born on November 14th! Thanks very much for that lovely thought. :eek:

If you do the math, you know exactly what my Mom & Dad were doing New Year’s Eve.

True story: I was born nine months and eleven days after my parents got married . . . and I was about a week overdue.

Thanks a lot, now I feel all weird! I was born on Nov 13! Dammit I don’t want to think about stuff like that!

I was born on November 12th…


Great, now you’ve gone and creeped me out. Ewww.

I met someone once who told me she was conceived between the wedding and reception of her parents wedding day.

Musta been some car ride to the hall.

I was also born nine months and eleven days after my parents got married. According to my dad, a lot of people did a lot of counting.

My maternal grandfather, and his youngest son were both born November 14th–45 years apart.

My birthday is November 5th, 10 days or so short of being 9 months from Valentine’s Day. However, my father’s birthday is February 4th, almost 9 months to the day, or evening before my birth.