So when were you conceived?

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The Internet truly does have everything!

May 31 - June 08, 1952 for me. (I was born two months premature)

It says I was conceived in the back of a Ford LTD after a Bachman-Turner-Overdrive concert in South Bend, May of 1974.

Wow, weirdly specific.

In a moment of divine inspiration.

Three months before my parents got married, approximately. I figured that out when I was 17, though.

Apparently at the family’s shared lake cottage (my parents always had the second two weeks in August as their scheduled usage time). Website says August 15-22nd.

Pretty much one year to the day after the end of WWII.

My parents’ 20th Anniversary celebration. :smiley:

Quite possibly on New Year’s Eve (Dec 30, 1950-Jan 7, 1951).

Seven months before I was born.

It looks like it might have been a 4th of July weekend. :smiley:

“June 15 - June 23, 1964.”

My dad died on June 24. I barely came to be.

Apparently my parents got frisky on Valentine’s day. :wink:

According to my mother, after a New Years Eve party. The dates match up pretty good.

Same here. I have met a lot of people with similar birthdates.

According to this chart it appears to be the most popular time.

I was conceived on New Year’s Eve, 1944-5. My brother was conceived exactly three years earlier.

Mom had to get a few drinks into dad first, but he only drank on New Year’s Eve. So for seven consecutive years, she tried to conceive. Those were the only times they ever had sex.

On my parents wedding anniversary. My mother always said I was born 2 weeks late. The timing works out perfectly. I guess I was my moms 16th wedding anniv. present from my dad.

Huh. Looks like the week of my mom’s birthday.

I was born two weeks premature. So I guess I should add a couple weeks and take it to the week of July 4th.

Seeing as my sister was born around the same time three years later, I guess my parents were patriotic.

November 30, 1966.

As my dad used to tell the story, my parents went to San Francisco for their 20th anniversary, where my mom got him drunk and took advantage of him…and I was a ‘surprise gift’.

What color? :confused: