How much do you know about your conception (ultimate TMI!!!!)?

I guess I’m asking because I now know quite a bit about mine. You see, I’m a bastard. I mean literally, I try to be fairly pleasent in day to day life :slight_smile: . So I never knew my father. Mom didn’t know him very well either.

And there was a time I was sure I was the result of date rape…not a good feeling. But due to a rather ackward conversation the other night…I find I’m just the product of young foolishness…he didn’t want to use a condom the second time. What a relief… :eek: what a relief, ohmygod that is more than I wanted to know.

Well I don’t know, at least if I have sons, I’ll know I’m not passing along any rapist genes. Just genes for the ability to get it up more than once a night. I’ll just make sure they have enough condoms when they leave the house.

So what about the rest of you (including those born on the proper side of the blanket)? Planned in a marital bed? Back seat of a Buick? Petri dish? What do you know and how do you know it? And do you wish you didn’t?

I’m adopted, so I know nothing at all. Which leaves wide room for possibilities! :slight_smile:

I know very little, but I’m at least 85% sure I was planned.

I was planned. My parents decided to have baby number 2, and mum was pregnant within a week.

On the day they found out she was pregnant they also won a car. Pretty cool. :slight_smile:

Mom told me I was conceived in Tennessee, but she didn’t share any details. Thank God. She and my dad never lived in Tennessee, so it must have happened “on the road”.

My dad was married to someone else when he met my mom. My older brother was born before my dad got his divorce. They divorced when I was three and my brother was six.

When my brother was a teenager, mom saw fit to tell him he was illegitimate. It bothered him. Not so much that he was a bastard, but that mom told him. What was the point, except to hurt?

My dad was in a German POW camp when I was born, and I’ve always sorta wondered if he was really my dad, but I never had the guts to ask. He paid child support until we were grown, and that’s what mattered to mom, I guess. He just died last April, in California, and a friend of his has promised to box up his photos and papers and send them to me. Maybe there’ll be some answers there.

Not a blessed thing (thankfully). I would like to know if my parents decided not to have another child or if I just happened to be the only one they had, but there’s no good way to bring it up, y’know?

My parents had a very nasty divorce when I was 5 and my brother was 4. My brother and I still can’t imagine our mother and father getting close enough to each other to conceive once, let alone twice!

My father was an angry, bitter man. When I said “Excuse me” would say “There’s no excuse for you!” At 18, I was sick of this.

Me: Excuse me.
Fat: There’s no excuse for you.
Me: I can only assume the condom broke.
Fat: ::a look on his face I wish I had on film::

“I remember going to a picnic with my dad, and going home with my mom.”

Just kidding.

I’m the youngest of four sons, no sisters. I know they were trying for a daughter.

I was conceived during my parents’ divorce. My dad claimed I wasn’t his and his family has basically rejected me my whole life while keeping very close contact with my older brother.

It’s really stupid too, because I look just like the man, and besides, what a crappy thing to do to a kid.

“Why do you ask Broken Rubber?”

I’m certain my conception was very vanilla. My parents were both virgins when they married and I’m the second of three kids. Happily married life was in full swing for them.

My son, on the other hand, was born out of wedlock and conceived at the Howard Johnson’s in Elgin, IL. On Valentine’s Day.

I wasn’t a “planned” child and my mother was horrified when she found out she was pregnant, as she was already fairly sure her marriage to my father wasn’t going to last. But she loved me anyway. She told me Dad was overjoyed when he found out she was pregnant, but when they divorced he never bothered to see me again. My arrival did cause Mom to stay and try to make the marriage work, but it didn’t. (The main problem- Mom made more money than Dad did at that stage of their careers. Dad wanted Mom to quit her nice-paying job working for a lawyer. No, not be a stay-at-home mom, he wanted her to get another job where she didn’t make more money than he did. It “wasn’t right” for a woman to make more money than her husband. I’d have divorced his stupid ass too.)

I’m a prom night baby, conceived in a backseat awash in the sweat of passionate adolescents freshly relieved of both their polyester formalwear and their virginity.

According to my mother I was conceived after New Year’s Eve party, or January 1st, 1970, or so she believes. That’s about all she told me. My parents were stationed at Dover Air Force base in Delaware to finish their tours, so I guess that’s where I was created. They’d already been married for over 3 years and spent most of their time stationed together in the Philippines. I am their first of 3 (planned) daughters.

We told our (now adult) son every chance we got that he was conceived on a trip to Las Vegas, and was born weighing 7 lbs, 11 oz. He’s pretty sick of the story by now.

Not only do I not know where and when, but I don’t even know who was at the event besides my mother.

In a booth or at the counter?

Well, just last year a friend pointed out that I was born eight months after my parents got married, not the full nine months I had always assumed. (and at 9 1/2 pounds, I definitely wasn’t premature). :eek: Yeah, yeah, common now but my parents got married in 1966 and I had always just assumed…

Well, they were married for about a year, had planned to have me, conceived me, then after my birth, they were fixed. Kind of a dull story, really.

Had they to do it over again, with 20 more years of knowledge in them? I can say most certainly not. At least not my mother. Children are horrible, horrible creatures that never go away and I wouldn’t wish them on anyone, and I’m speaking about myself here.

Pill Baby here… since mom & dad divorced while I was young ( < 4yrs old) I have no recollection of thier anniversery, so I don’t know the timing.

I do know that my dad was rather, well, frisky, as I am in the middle of 7 sisters and 4 brothers… I am an only child, and the elder Brothers (3) and Sisters (3) were from atleast 2-3 other ‘relationships’, the younger sister(s) were from after my mom, 1 defintiely not in plan… So I can assume that I was absolutely not in the plan.

Good to know that I got that womanizer gene… mom always said I was a player… or is that ‘would be a player’ ?