Parents: did you figure out the conception date of your child/children?

I.T. I am often amazed that people can go back in time and say that, “Oh, yeah our baby boy must have been conceived on the 14th of February-remember all the chocolates and whipped cream, honey?” Making the proper conclusion, mind, while also having to consider all the other times during that month in which you also made the beast. Now, if you only do it once a month, then the proper conclusion is obvious. Just curious what the “tell” would be if you had several candidates.

No we didn’t. What would be the point?

It was pretty obvious, what with the lab technician and doctors.

We don’t know the exact moment our connubial bliss manifested itself with my seed finding purchase in the fertile fields of her womb, but we call it Valentine’s Day for our November issue, and Mom’s B-day at the end of March for our January model.

Kind of like assigning your stray cat a birthday. You work backwards from what the vet gives you!

My parents apparantly knew, and assigned that day to be their retroactive wedding day. As it turns out, they didn’t marry until after the 4th kid came along, but for 20 years we celebrated their ‘anniversary’ as being, conveniently, the same as my mom’s 21st birthday. (And yep, I was the result of that celebration :stuck_out_tongue: )

My ex and I averaged once every 3 weeks, and only one day of the week was acceptable sex-wise, so it wasn’t too hard to remember the occasion that led to my first pregnancy.

Second time, I was charting, and again with the infrequency, it was easy to tell.

Husband’s birthday for one, Halloween night for the other.

It bloody better have been those two occasions or he’ll divorce me, seeing as we were living apart at the time and they were both weekend visit babies!!

Husband quote on seeing the pregnancy test stick: “I am a good shot.” :slight_smile:

Yes, although Boy From Mars and I weren’t in the room at the time. (Or, what Erdosain said).

Ditto for me too. Afternoon of 1st July, which was co-incidentally our third wedding anniversary. How romantic.

Here’s a question for you then…

We think, that our second was conceived while on holiday, and making use of a friends bed that was away on holiday, would you tell him…oh - by the way your bed is good luck?

As another aside - we were getting a bit of help - timing and pills and what not. When we got went to the doctor that month and she saw that the beast was exercised four nights on the trot she scolded us - saying that its not supposed to be consecutive nights.

I know the dates of conception, but only because I can subtract the number of weeks pregnant from the current date on the calendar.

I never understood how people could determine it down to the day. As close as we can figure, for both of our kids we’ve narrowed it down to “one of the times we had sex during that week”.

We had split up for two months prior, got back together for a week, did the wild once, then split up again.

Yeah, it was pretty easy to know the exact date.

Some friends of our were at the hospital, having a baby. Emo and I were there as support. We were looking at the babies in the nursery, feeling the flush of rekindled lurve (gack). There was a baby under bilirubin lamps - I mentioned if we had a baby s/he would probably end up there also. Would you mind if we got pregnant? No, it would be lurvely. Knocked up the same night, despite using multiple forms of protection.

With my daughter, my husband was traveling a lot around her conception date and I spent some time ill - so it isn’t too difficult to figure out because there wasn’t a plethora of sex that month. Not that I remember, but when I was pregnant I could pinpoint the date.

My son is adopted from South Korea. I’m not even certain he was a full term baby, much less what his conception date was.

Easy (and I’m surprised more parents don’t use this method):

The date of conception of our second kid (and this method is foolproof for all kids after the first) was the date the first kid was at the babysitters.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Seriously, any parents here can relate, and the math works. In fact, the doctor was convinced the conception date of kid #2 was February 10, but we know we shipped our then 17.5 month old off to the sitters so we could have Valentine’s Day to ourselves. After we took some time to “catch up on unfinished business” :wink: we went out bowling for our Valentine’s date. We like to tell people our son was concieved in a bowling alley, just to see the expressions on their faces. :slight_smile: (People forget that conception happens a while after intercourse, often hours. So the moment of conception could very well have taken place in the middle of the bowling alley.)

I checked the “all our kids” option because we were initially having problems conceiving, two eyars into our marriage and nothing, and not from a lack of trying either! The clinic, at our first visit, just told us to chart the usual things and come back in a month for more tests. Turns out she got pregnant in that month, and they never had to do the tests - from the charts they gave us, we figure the conception date was either the 13th, 15th, or 16th of November, so that’s good enough for us. (We usuallky just say it was “Grey Cup weekend” (Candian equivalent of the Super Bowl) even though those are all weekdays and we’re not really sports fans, it at least pins it to an event like Valentine’s Day for our other one.

I was charting, so I’m pretty sure of it.

Me too. If you know what day you ovulated, it’s pretty exact.

This will sound all woo-wooey, but I’ll share anyway.

I can remember all three conceptions separately. My first, we were in Kentucky visiting his family staying in a little mother-in-law type house out back. I can remember the smell of the dust, and fresh grass coming in the window. I heard a woodpecker in the distance.

The second, I have a brief memory of seeing my own hand, lying half-in, half-out of a ray of sunshine on the grey carpeting.

The third, I can remember the feeling of his hand on my hip, each individual finger and where they were placed. The area still burns a bit if I focus on the memory.

That’s it, that’s all I remember of those moments. Having figured out the timing retroactively, I know that is when conception occurred, but I think my body knew first and somehow secured those memories for me. How many times do you have sex–especially as a married couple–and, while it’s nice and all, there’s nothing there that’s going to stick out a week later, let alone after a year or two. And yet, I have these three, precise, intense memories of my sons’ bursting into existence and I’m so grateful for them.

9/11 was just a few weeks old and one uncle died of liver cancer just as an aunt died in a car accident. We left our oldest with his grandparents and drove to IL for the funerals. I remember feeling kinda guilty for doin’ it in our motel room while getting ready for a funeral that afternoon. But not so guilty I couldn’t complete the act. That was Oct. 2. Our son was born a week early by C-section on June 20.


Same here. Someday I’ll drive him past the building and tell him “See, that’s where they made you.”