How Many Dopers Voted For A Third Party Candidate?

Let’s keep this civil kids, all I’m interested is in how many Dopers voted for someone other than Bush or Kerry or didn’t vote for a Presidential candidate at all. If you want to scream about how bad a particluar candidate is, take it to the Pit.

I voted Libertarian.

Simpsons reference…sorry, I just HAD to do that.

I also voted Libertarian. Always have.

If I lived somewhere where I didn’t believe that short of a catacyslm Kerry would win, I would have voted for him, but as I live in MA, I voted Libertarian. My first presidential election, didn’t want to jinx it for Kerry as everyone I have voted for has lost.

This was my first ever presidential election and I also voted Libertarian.

I did a write in candidate for president.

Dave Barry.
Yeah, I’m throwing my vote away, but at least my conscience is clear.

I voted for a Green candidate… for Lieutenant Governor. :stuck_out_tongue:

I voted straight Libertarian as much as was possible.

Our City Coroner was running unopposed, so I wrote in George W. Bush. Does that count?


Another Libertarian presidential here, for a total of 3 Libs, 2 Dems, and 1 Repub.

Make that 4 Libs.

The funniest president ever! :smiley:

I voted Libertarian for Senator. Jerry Kohn. Really.

I voted Libertarian in one of the state elections.

I voted for a Lib. in one of the state elections.


I got to cast two votes for Badnarik – one for Michael for President, and one for mom Elaine, who was the Libertarian nominee for Lieutenant Governor of Indiana.

Can we form the libertarian club?

Voted for Bader…whatever his name is.

And I don’t regret it.

2nd presidental election for me.

I voted for a third-party, not-Libertarian Presidential candidate.