How many electronic devices have you charged simultaneously?

Just noticed I’ve got quite a few devices being charged right now including the iPhone I’m posting with now. I work from home.

  1. iPhone
  2. iPad
  3. Personal MacBook
  4. Work MacBook
  5. Over the ears Beats headphones
  6. Bluetooth mouse

My work mouse will be getting a charge during a meeting later.

  • Just one at a time
  • Let’s play two
  • Who’s up for a 3 some?
  • A poly 4-5
  • You’re addicted to six, but could always do more

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On the average evening at home:

My cell (android)
Wife’s cell (iPhone)
My LTE tablet (android)
My 10’ Kindle Fire (bedside)
My 8’ Kindle Fire (backup)
My Kindle Paperwhite
My Smartwatch (Wear OS)
My Laptop (for travelling only, Window)
My Wife’s 2-in-1 (for her teaching, Windows)

Plus on occasion

1-4 backup Battery sticks / bars
1-2 sets of Bluetooth headphones

The desktop and my laptop are plugged in all the time, so I don’t know if that counts. However my wife has an ipad, iphone and I have an iphone which all get charged overnight so I guess it would be 3 or 5 depending on perspective.

My room is a computer museum, and most of the computers are laptops so by virtue of being plugged in to AC power, they’re being charged. Hmm, technically that’s not true of the WallStreet, I guess, since the expansion bay that typically holds a battery doesn’t, in this case, because instead i have a second internal hard drive sitting there. So… the two G4 PowerBooks, the other WallStreet, and three MacBook Pros of differing vintages. A cell phone also. That’s seven.

Mrs. Charming and Rested bought a plug in outlet adapter that has four USB plugs and six ordinary outlets. We set up a little charging station on our counter and it almost always has six items plugged into it (iPads, Kindles, phones, lighted dog collar, rechargeable lanterns for dog walking, wireless camera monitor. Occasionally, some of those are joined by a GPS receiver, emergency radio, backup battery packs, or camera batteries too. That doesn’t include four laptops (two each for work and personal use) at least two of which are almost always plugged in somewhere else.

I don’t charge too many. Sometimes I’ll do four - phone, Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth headphones, and a smartwatch all at one time.

I have a 4-USB charger & a 2-USB charger, as well as a bunch of single ones. Certain things, like camera batteries have their own dedicated chargers. I have 9 action cams & have used them all at the same time (& needed to charge them all again) so my answer would be limited by # of available plugs in the hotel room.

Yesterday, at home (& therefore not in a hurry), I consecutively charged:

  • 2 phones
  • 5 lights
  • 1 watch
  • 1 BT headphones
  • 2 camera batteries
  • 3 drone batteries
  • laptop was plugged in while working

While that was more lights than normal, that can be a typical recharge list.