How many English players featured in the UEFA Cup last night?

It’s been mentioned in the media that there are currently more Scots playing (for 2 teams) in the Champions’ League than there are English (playing for 3 teams).

Looking at the line-ups for last night’s UEFA Cup games, it strikes me that my team Aberdeen might single handedly run the English teams close. We had 11 Scots on the pitch during the game last night (and 2 English). I don’t follow English football enough to know which Spurs, Everton and Bolton players are English - can anyone be bothered to work it out for me?

Incidentally, I am one of those who think the format for the UEFA Cup is ridiculous. But I do think the group stage is the only competition I can think of which is actually fun. Teams only play each other once and there is a low margin of error (which Aberdeen admittedly have probably exceeded). I think there’s a good mix of randomness and reward for consistency. It’s a lot less repetitive than the Champions’ League and it allows fans to retain spurious hope for longer. I couldn’t believe how open the Dons game was last night, especially since we were playing a vastly more expensive team. They would attack us, we’d get the ball back and a few passes later we’d be right up the other end before they had another go at us. Even a snowy gale didn’t spoil the game.

Meanwhile, in other news… Today the 2014 Commonwealth Games were awarded to Glasgow. Guess which story was not mentioned anywhere on the front page of the Edinburgh Evening News?

From last nights games, these were the English players that figured (from the UEFA website):

Spurs: Robinson, Lennon, Jenas, Dawson, Bent, Defoe (Huddlestone didn’t enter)

Bolton: Nolan, McCann, Davies (Sinclair and Sissons on the bench)

Everton: Neville, Lescott, Osman, Jagielka

McFadden, a Scot, didn’t play for Everton.

So, I count 13 English playing yesterday in the UEFA Cup for those three teams (plus the two for Aberdeen you mentioned).