How many fandoms is it possible to be part of?

I’m not in many fandoms, myself. Three - Stargate, Enterprise, and MAS*H. I flatter myself they are a slightly varied mixture.
So… what fandoms are the resident Dopers in? More varied than mine? More numerous? More ridiculous?
I await your thoughts with bated breath.

Experiments have proven that the human brain is capable of maintaining no more than 6 simultaneous fandom tracks, and Star Trek has been measured as equalling two. You have room for one more, beyond that your brain will implode and, while you won’t die, you WILL turn into an advertising copywriter, a telemarketer, or a tobacco company apologist. (It’s a random occurence, so it’s not predictable.)

I personally possess the Star Trek track (2), Discworld (1), Comic Books, (DC only, so just 1), and Beatles (1, though there are as many as 6 potential Beatles fandom tracks including the music itself, each Beatle, and Yoko hatred), so I still have room for one more. The Straight Dope Message Board doesn’t count as a fandom, curiously enough. The brain seems to be able to adapt to it’s presence.

There is a risky procedure called Fan Bypass Surgery, which has been shown to prevent implosion by setting up a secondary HKS (hobby knowledge sector) in the cerebellum, but it’s only been tested on mice so far, and it’s difficult to tell how successful it’s been since mice are so stupid.

My math wasn’t wrong, MASH also accounts for two tracks, the F/C fissure is used as a splitting factor. (F/C = Frank/Charles)

Depends on what you mean by fandoms.
I’m an SF Fan, (Which takes up at least 3 tracks maybe 4, there is Science Fiction, Fantasy, Anthromorphics and Fandom in general)
I’m also a RPG Fan. (One maybe two tracks.)
I still am an Amiga Fan.

Of course, photopat missed the last thing to many fan tracks will cause…I am Fen of Geek, prepare to be wierded out.