How many here doodle just to fill idle time?


My mom used to doodle when she was put on hold (the telephone). It could be any piece of paper near the phone. She was actually pretty good and often drew the art school tests they used to print in magazines. But she only doodled and never took drawing or art seriously…

Ronald Regan doodled. At meetings and conferences to stave off boredom.

Do you doodle? Did you used to and stopped?

This will spark a few memories. :smiley:

the art school test. Draw the pirate. These ads were in all the magazines during my childhood. My mom drew them perfectly but never mailed them in. Mostly she preferred just doodling to pass the time.

Atlantic Monthly did an article on Presidents and doodling. Click the small picture to see the full image.
Quite a lot of them did and some of their work got preserved.

I answered “I used to” but I have no good idea when I must have stopped. Probably when a computer became a good part of my life. Pencil and paper for most purposes just seemed to go away on its (their) own.

There was an old thread (I must have started it but couldn’t tell you when I did) asking for things you did to while away the time in church(!) and in that I mentioned “pig in a pen” games we would play. That sort of doodling – when it was down to just me alone – was part of my activity when I was bored or just needed to do something to distract myself. I also drew weird flowers and similar designs. Also eyes and noses.

Been at least 20 years since.

On the phone I used to. Now, having pencil and paper around to doodle with is rare. I’m more likely to start playing Solitaire on the computer during a boring call.

Just had the thought: texting is the new doodling!

I had to know:

How did/do you pass time in church?
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I doodle in meetings at work. I’m still listening and aware of whats being said. Doodling doesn’t require much concentration. I can stop and take notes anytime that I need to. Pens already in my hand ready to use.

Playing around on a phone would probably tick off my boss. <shrug> Not something I want to try. :wink:

I do. I doodle often.

I used to. Can’t possibly say why I don’t any more. But I would fill page after page of a notebook with little sketches. They were more concrete than classic “doodles.” Instead of meaningless loops and boxes, I would draw faces, or figures, or animals, or objects. I guess, technically, this would be “sketching” and not doodling.

I used to donate these as clip-art to various fanzines. (Not good enough for professional publication.)

Nowadays…nuh uh. Don’t do this any more. Damfino why.

A lot of my family does but its one of those traits that passed me by.

I don’t use pen and paper nearly as much as I used to, so that has effectively put a halt on my doodling.

This one does take me back.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone doodle since about 1958.

I seem to recall grade school textbooks (owned by the school, assigned to new class each year) with some half-hearted attempts at doodles.

I’m quite surprised that doodling isn’t as common anymore.

I can’t imagine a phone at home without a 3x5" notepad and pen. Theres always a need to jot down a name, number, or short message. Its often information thats only needed briefly and isn’t worth entering into a computer.

At work I bring a yellow legal pad to meetings for notes. Theres no way I’d try to enter them into a phone or pad during the meeting. I have to write fast while people are talking. I type them up afterwards in Word. Any doodles on the paper get thrown away.

I don’t, and really never have. I have absolutely not artistic bent, not even for random doodles.