How many hits does this board get now that it Google favors it?

I think most people that have been paying attention have noticed zombie threads being resurrected by people finding this board through a Google search and coming in to register just to comment on an old thread. I have had three people register and contact me about things that I wrote based on things they found on Google searches that were really specific. They were all welcome because they filled in some details that I didn’t know but it made it obvious that everything you post here is for the world to see and search. I have also found both my own posts and those of other people here that I know through Google searches that I thought were unrelated at the time.

How much new traffic is generated from Google? How many hits do older threads get?

See for yourself.

Thanks. Top 2000 for the U.S. is pretty high.

Ed posted a year ago that we were getting 356,000 unique visitors in 30 days. This was triple what non-Google searching was(I think).