How many hits per day does the SDMB get?

Apologies if this has been asked/answered before (I did try a search), but, what is the average hits/day among the nine forums here? How does that number compare with some other landmark sites?

If this is proprietary information, just ignore me.


One bump. I am still curious.

We mods and admin don’t have access to the site logs. Jerry might have the stats, but I’m not sure if he bothers to run log reports on the board.

These stats have been discussed before, and you should be able to find them in a search. I’ll give it a try later at way off-peak hours and see what I can find.

Well, maybe my memory is faulty.

Here UncleBeer remembers Ed Zotti saying that we get 1 million page loads per month.

I found Mr. Zotti saying the same thing here (fourth to last post on the page).

And that was the best I could do. Could have sworn I had seen some reference to a solid hits p/day figure at some point, but maybe I dreamt it or something. At any rate ~20 minutes poring through old ATMB threads and vainly trying to narrow down Boardreader searches didn’t turn one up. It’s possible something like that might be buried in a thread on a slightly different topic somewhere, but if it is I didn’t find it. Sorry.

No, Ed says “A million page views per WEEK.”

And that was two years ago. I’m sure we get way more than that now.

I’ll see if I can find out something but I have to tell you, the tech crew is so busy these days they’re note sure if they want to defecate or wind their watches. I doubt they’re going to have any free time to look at this but the worst thing they can tell me is no.

your humble TubaDiva
Well actually that’s not the worst thing they could tell me, but you get the drift.

Thanks, but no need to trouble anyone. Simply knowing that there’s more than a million hits per week is enough for me.

I appreciate your anwers.